Industrial Motherboards and SBCs

Reliable, long life motherboards and single board computers (SBCs) from Contec, your complete technology design authority. Industrial strength quality and durability for manufacturers and OEMs.

At Contec, the board is just the beginning!

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Our Strengths

Manufacturing Control

Contec motherboards and SBCs were designed by Contec to address the specific needs of our customers in a wide variety of industries around the world. Our boards are developed and manufactured in-house giving us complete control over the manufacturing life cycle.

Configuration Control

As the design owner, Contec owns the firmware down to the BIOS level for exclusive control over the configuration and product life cycle. The life cycle of a Contec board is typically 3 – 5 years and can be extended to as many as ten (10) and even fifteen (15) years and beyond.

Flexible Design and Manufacturing

Unlike larger board houses, Contec’s model is designed to be nimble and adaptable to each customer’s specific needs.

Rugged, Industrial-Grade Motherboards and SBCs

As a leading industrial electronics manufacturer since 1975, Contec understands the importance of product quality and reliability in industrial environments. Our motherboards and SBCs feature isolated circuitry and are tested to meet rigorous industry standards.

Global Engineering Support and Manufacturing Capabilities

Our expertise isn’t limited to a single Contec facility. With over 240 R&D, engineering, and technical support resources worldwide, Contec motherboard and SBC experts and manufacturing capabilities are accessible to you from our U.S., Taiwan, and Japan locations. As a result, Contec is able to offer competitive lead time and support services to customers around the world.

Our Capabilities

Standard Motherboard and SBC Offering:

Reliable, Long-Life Motherboards and SBCs for Industrial Applications.

Semi-Custom Board Design:

Customer-Specific Design Modifications to Current Reference Designs.

Fully Custom Board Design:

Complete motherboard and SBC custom design from the ground up.

Expert Engineering Guidance and Support:

Globally available experts for needs analysis, design consultation, and support requirements.

Global Manufacturing and Prototyping:

Motherboard and SBC prototyping and manufacturing capabilities in the United States, Taiwan and Japan.

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