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Industrial Computers

Edge AI Computers DX-U1000 Series

Edge AI Computers DX-U1000 Series


The DX-U1000 series equipped with NVIDIA Jetson Nano / Xavier NX comes with the JetPack (Ubuntu) OS package, including the pre-installed JetPack SDK . You can download the latest operating system installation package from the website.

Download OS package(JetPack)

Jetson Nano

Jetson Xavier NX


Box Computers BX Series


Red Hat Enterprise Linux

We provide an "Linux operational check manual" that summarizes the results of evaluation and verification by various distributions. Please refer to the "Linux operational check manual" for the distribution and version that have been evaluated and verified.

Download Linux operational check manual

Slim size

Ultra small

Control panel

Railway / In-vehicle

PC-based DAQ & Control


Linux drivers for measurement control and communication devices are provided in an integrated form for analog I/O, digital I/O, and other functions without depending on the bus. We have also confirmed the operation on Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi OS in addition to Fedora series such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Download API-TOOL for Linux

Industrial IoT & Automation

CONPROSYS M2M Controller / M2M Gateway series



The CONPROSYS M2M Controller / M2M Gateway series can also be used as a white box (Linux box) for developing customers' own IoT devices. A software development kit CONPROSYS Linux SDK for Ubuntu-based program development is available.

Download CONPROSYS Linux SDK

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