At Contec, we understand it’s more than a display; it’s the window to your software solution, the human machine interface that controls your product, and the device that presents captured video, images, test results and a host of other information to users and operators on a daily basis.

Medical Grade Displays

Our Medical Grade Touch Displays Provide More Accuracy in Image Diagnosis

When it comes to patient diagnosis, the quality and performance of the monitor is critical to ensuring accurate interpretation. Contec’s new clinical display line of medical-grade monitors meet stringent image quality and safety standards for clinical settings. These versatile displays are designed for medical equipment manufacturers who are looking for long-life solutions suited for a wide variety of hospital and laboratory applications. Applications include medical imaging, life sciences, diagnostics, genomics and pharmaceutical.

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Open / Closed Frame Displays

Open and Closed Frame Monitors for a Wide Variety of Industrial, Professional, and Retail Applications

In 2021, Contec introduced a new category of open frame and closed frame displays. Monitors in this category are durable and reliable with long-term availability and revision control. Designed with OEMs in mind, our open frame and closed frame monitors are suitable for a wide variety of industrial, professional and retail applications including patient monitoring, point-of-care, genomics, point-of-sale, digital signage, kiosk, manufacturing, warehousing, and industrial automation.

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