Improvement of Production Capacity by Introducing IoT for Existing Facilities (Production Line)

System Overview

This system enables improvement of production capacity of production line by status and achievement monitoring of all production facilities in the whole factory by connecting online existing, old-type facilities with new ones.

Systems Diagram

This system realizes monitoring of the whole factory operation by supervisory software.
The "CONPROSYS series", developed by CONTEC’s over 40 years technical knowledge and experience, enables integration of machine to machine communication (M2M) by "OPC UA", a field network standard recommended by Industry 4.0.
The system enables integration of old-type machine tools with MES (Manufacturing Execution System) by using the M2M controller with built-in OPC UA server. Work load balance and production capacity improvement will be achieved by clarifying the capabilities of all production facilities in the factory.


  • Direct communication with upper level systems such as SCADA via OPC UA

    The controller with built-in server complying with OPC UA, a standard of the upcoming M2M communication, allows direct communication with SCADA software and MES/ERP systems.
    There is no need to communicate via OPC servers for PLC and linkage software for remote I/O systems.
    In addition, the data communication becomes more secure.

  • Centralized monitoring of operational status/breakdown and operation/stop

    The controller has a built-in web server function and an HMI authoring tool for visualization. This makes it possible to easily view equipment information without using a cloud server or SCADA system.
    All COMPROSYS series has this CONPROSYS HMI software, thus replacement of controller is quite easy.
    Once you mastered this tool, you can use all of CONPROSYS models.

  • The system helps understanding of the production capacity of the whole factory and thus achieve equalized production planning.

    More accurate through put of each facilities will be clarified, so plan of efficiency improvement without production stagnation at specific process or line is possible.

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