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In 1975, Contec Co., Ltd. separated as an intra-venture company and became independent from Daifuku Co., Ltd., one of the world’s top material handling manufacturers and system integrators, with the objective of taking on the challenge of new business operations in the field of electronic devices.

Later on, as personal computers (PCs) started gaining popularity, the company quickly foresaw that the building of infrastructure utilizing PCs could contribute to society. In order to realize this vision, Contec focused its business operations on "PC For All Automation," and began releasing products including various input/output (I/O) boards, industrial personal computers (such as box PCs, panel PCs, and rack PCs), wired & wireless LAN, industrial LCDs, various related support software, and BTO solution PCs. Thus, the company has been consistently contributing to society in this field as a global pioneer.

With pride and a sense of mission as a global pioneer focusing its business operations on "PC For All Automation," the Contec Group has been making full use of its comprehensive technical capabilities and pre and after service capabilities in the areas of PCs, electronics, controls, information, communications, and SI (system integration), which are its strengths, and it endeavors to provide customers around the world with standard products, customized products, and OEM/CTO-compatible products.

The Contec Group has set up companies engaging in sales, development, production, procurement, and service not only in Japan, but also the United States, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and so on with the aim of developing as a global corporation.

Going forward, Contec intends to continue doing its utmost to contribute to society by providing customers in various fields with the best and optimal products and solutions. As such, we at Contec sincerely appreciate your ongoing support.

Kazuyoshi Nishiyama, President and CEO

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