Corporate Philosophy

Our Management Philosophy

Contributing to Society with Creative Technologies and Products

As an electronic device manufacturer, Contec's management philosophy is to: develop creative technologies in the fields of industrial computers, measurement and control, and networks; use these technologies to provide products and solutions to society; and thereby strive to make contributions to society.

Corporate Slogan

Technology for a better life

The slogan "Technology for a better life" incorporates our desire to serve as a company that improves people's lives through technologies.

Thus far, our company has been mainly selling products for manufacturing industries, but our ratio of sales to nonmanufacturing industries has been increasing in recent years.

Going forward, in addition to business aimed at manufacturing industries, we intend to expand into IoT solutions in areas that are close to people's living environments, such as e-agriculture (plant factories), energy management (solar and wind power generation, commercial buildings, and residences), medical care & nursing care, and railways & transportation.

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