Visualizing Operation Statuses (Signal Tower Monitor)

System Overview

Signal towers make it possible to visualize current equipment operation statuses. Signal tower monitors are devices that monitor the lighting status of a signal tower and save the transmitted data. Devices (slave units) can be installed to signal towers already in use, with the simplest installation configuration taking only 10 seconds to complete. Wireless communication between master and slave units eliminates the need for complicated wiring work. Optimize maintenance cycles using breakdown prediction and preventive maintenance while simultaneously shortening downtime to improve operating ratios, take advantage of labor-saving measures, and address insufficient human resource issues.

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Time-based accumulation and analysis of equipment operation statuses enable visualization of trends according to error occurrence times. Both CONTEC’s M2M Controller Series and Gateway Series devices can be used as a master unit for constructing the best system for a variety of applications.

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Product Features

  • Simplest installation taking only 10 seconds to complete (slave unit)

    Slave unit can be installed to signal towers already in use, with the simplest installation configuration taking only 10 seconds to complete.

  • All settings, operations and monitoring are completed with a web browser

    Ready-to-use monitoring screens are available。The acquired data is displayed graphically in time series.The screen can be freely customized using CONPROSYS HMI. Various tasks can be processed by using CONPROSYS VTC.

The operation statuses of equipment for which monitoring settings have been applied can be monitored in real-time using an Andon display. Slave unit signal reception and battery level can be checked easily.

Date and time can be selected while time-series displays for the operation status of monitored equipment enable trends, such as those for error occurrence times, to be visualized.

This screen shows a map display for equipmentmounted slave units.Once users have registered a map of their equipment, layouts for signal tower monitor parts, as well as available images and meters, can be arranged to facilitate centralized management of the entire site.

  • Wiring-free structure with power-saving EnOcean wireless technology

    Wireless communication over the EnOcean 928.35 MHz frequency—known for being resistant to radio interference—is used for communication between master and slave units. The slave units also have built-in solar cells for solar battery-powered operation under adequate light conditions. The device can also be operated using lithium batteries (for up to 6 years*). This means operation monitoring can be utilized quickly with no need for troublesome wiring work.

  • Impressive environmental resistance for use in locations with dust or wide temperature variations (Slave unit)

    The housing is IP65 rated and designed for use over a wide range of temperatures (-20 to 60°C). Usage environments include harsh situations with exposure to excessive water, oil mist, and dust.

  • *
    Calculated based on 12 hours of operation using solar batteries during daytime hours (under lights) and 12 hours of operation using lithium batteries during night hours (in darkness).

Adopted Products

  • *
    Signal tower light is not included into Master unit set and slave unit.
  • *
    Select a CONPROSYS controller (sold separately) equipped with various communication functions and I/O interfaces for use as a master unit to communicate with slave units.
    (Excludes models whose interface does not include USB and SD card slots)

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