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Analog input Raspberry Pi card 12-bit 8ch (differential 4ch) voltage input/current input
Analog Output Raspberry Pi card 16bit 2ch voltage/current output
Analog Input PCI Express Card / 4ch(12bit 10Ms/s)
Analog Output CONPROSYS nano Series I/O Module 2ch (16bit, Voltage / Current) / Inter-channel Isolation
Analog Input PCI Card /16ch(12bit 50ks/s) / Bus Isolation
Analog Input Module for CONPROSYS nano Series I/O Module 8ch(24bit, 208μsec/ch) / Bus Isolation
Thermocouple Module for CONPROSYS nano Series I/O Module 4ch(J, K, E, N, R, S, T Type, 251ms/ch) / Bus Isolation
Analog Input Sub-1GHz Band Wireless I/O Unit / 4ch(10bit 100ks/s)  (Only for China Market)
Analog Input USB I/O Unit / 8ch(16bit 250ks/s)
Analog Output USB I/O Unit / 4ch (16bit 50ks/s) / Bus Isolation - N Series