IoT-Based Water Treatment Equipment

System Overview

This system monitors the operational status of water treatment equipment. Various data from water treatment equipment are sent to the cloud server, and the data can be used to set the appropriate time for maintenance.

Systems Diagram

The system collects various data including sludge density, amount of chemicals, pressure, and flow rates from PLCs in control of water treatment equipment, and sends the data to the cloud server.
Thanks to the unified management of facilities located throughout the country, the system allows users to know the status and extent of attrition of devices and equipment without visiting the installation sites. The collected data can be used to know the timing for maintenance or to create an optimum operation plan.
This system can be built using "CONPROSYS" and "Cloud Data Service" without the need for programming.


  • Cloud server

    Data from facilities around the country is consolidated by the cloud server. Operation information on the facilities are collected and accumulated.
    The accumulated data can be checked using a web browser, allowing users to monitor in the control office or from mobile devices.
    Data is transmitted via mobile network, eliminating the need for wiring work.
    E-mail notification from the cloud server is also available by setting a threshold value.

  • M2M Gateway series

    The Gateway series allows users to collect PLC data easily just by setting parameters, eliminating the need to develop software.
    The monitoring function (CONPROSYS HMI) can also be made available by directly accessing M2M Gateway using a web browser.

  • Easily controllable CONPROSYS VTC

    Filtering of unnecessary data and calculation can also be performed by using a function offered by CONPROSYS VTC. Customers can use this function to their advantage to perform filtering and calculation of large quantities of data and send only the necessary data to the server.

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