River & Floodgate Monitoring System

System Overview

This system collects data concerning water levels and equipment condition signals for remote monitoring.
It enables the control office to perform centralized monitoring of the operational status in various locations by accumulating data on the cloud server.

Systems Diagram

From a variety of sensors, the system collects information about rivers and opening levels of floodgates, operational status of pumps, interlock signals, and more. It also receives analog water level information and sends it to the cloud server.
Depending on the situation and necessity, a remote control function to be used by the control office may be added.


  • Plentiful interfaces

    The CONPROSYS multiple I/O model has plenty of interfaces, realizing the system concept with only one compact controller.

  • Mobile network model

    With the use of product models equipped with mobile networks, data communication and system upgrades can easily be made available without taking trouble for wired line construction.

  • Task control (CONPROSYS VTC)

    Upon detection of abnormalities through task control based on the collected data, the system activates an alarm and sends a notification.
    It also can perform controlling functions such as automated pump operation based on water level information.

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