F&eIT™ Remote I/O Systems

Contec's remote I/O systems enable smooth and reasonable "monitoring" and "control" of remote equipment. Module types and slim types with flexible combinations of components are available. Contec offers trusted solutions that meet your needs.

Configurable Types

The I/O controller unit is configured by connecting device modules on I/O controller modules. More than 15 types of I/O modules are available to match the equipment, resolution, and channels.

Another Option
Remote I/O CONPROSYS™ nano

Integrated Types

Cost reduction is achieved by integrating the signal I/O function and the controller function, but also space-saving is achieved by using screws or magnets for the installation.

Ideal Network Protocol: "F&eIT Protocol"

The F&eIT minimal remote I/O systems use an original protocol (F&eIT protocol) based on UDP/IP. In order to avoid connectionless UDP/IP errors (failure to confirm receipt of transmitted data), Contec adds a response confirmation process to the UDP/IP upper layer to create an original high-speed, real-time, and reliable network protocol. This makes it possible to build systems just like those used for TCP/IP communications, using common HUBs and LAN cables.

API (Programming Interfaces)

The I/O controller unit is equipped with an easy-to-use interface compatible with Windows. With the installed SDK [API-CAP (W32)], users can access the system without being aware of network protocols. The functional format of API-CAP (W32) is designed to be compatible with the API function [API-PAC (32)] of the expansion interface cards.

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