M2M Gateway series

A single CONPROSYS controller can collect data from multiple PLC controlled equipment.
M2M Gateway series supports devices from a variety of vendors,
including Mitsubishi’s MELSEC series, Omron’s Sysmac series, and JTEKT’s TOYOPUC series.

Integrated Type

Software Features

Hardware Features

  • DIN rail or fixed mounting options available
  • Embedded CPU
  • Operating temperature range: -20 - 60°C (-4 - 140°F)
  • Durable hardware reduces maintenance costs
  • Daisy-chain connections do not required a HUB
  • Physical dimensions: 188.0(W)×78.0(D)×30.5(H) mm (7.40"×3.07"×1.20") (does not include protrusions and antenna)
  • Power supply voltage: 12 - 24 VDC
  • *
    Common features are same as integrated type M2M controllers.

Monitoring PLC Device Memory

  • Reads data from PLC memory (I/O status, data register, link register, file register, etc.)
  • Transmits collected data to the cloud through simple settings.
  • It is possible to communicate with the PLC at an arbitrary timing by setting the communication attribute and using the VTC function

Remote Equipment Monitoring Through the Cloud

  • Monitors equipment from anywhere in the world.
  • Gain business efficiencies with data analytics.

Local Host Data Collection

  • Includes data collection software for Windows PC at no cost.
  • Collected data can be used by SCADA systems via Modbus/TCP.

Supports multiple PLC devices and Modbus equipment from different vendors

Compatible with Mitsubishi MELSEC-FX / -A / -Q / -L – iQ-R series, Omron Sysmac C / CPM / CS /CJ / CP series, and JTEKT TOYOPUC PC10G-CPU series.
Communicates with a variety of Modbus equipment

Link up to 10 systems and 100 register groups

Connect up to 10 PLCs using an Ethernet connection or up to 30 PLCs using a serial connection.
Connect up to 100 register groups, gather up to 1000 data.

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