M2M Gateway series

A single CONPROSYS controller can collect data from multiple PLC controlled equipment.
M2M Gateway series supports devices from a variety of vendors,
including Mitsubishi’s MELSEC series, Omron’s Sysmac series, and JTEKT’s TOYOPUC series.

Integrated Type

Software Features

Hardware Features

  • DIN rail or fixed mounting options available
  • Embedded CPU
  • Operating temperature range: -20 - 60°C (-4 - 140°F)
  • Durable hardware reduces maintenance costs
  • Daisy-chain connections do not required a HUB
  • Physical dimensions: 188.0(W)×78.0(D)×30.5(H) mm (7.40"×3.07"×1.20") (does not include protrusions and antenna)
  • Power supply voltage: 12 - 24 VDC
  • *
    Common features are same as integrated type M2M controllers.

Monitoring PLC Device Memory

  • Reads data from PLC memory (I/O status, data register, link register, file register, etc.)
  • Transmits collected data to the cloud through simple settings.
  • It is possible to communicate with the PLC at an arbitrary timing by setting the communication attribute and using the VTC function

Remote Equipment Monitoring Through the Cloud

  • Monitors equipment from anywhere in the world.
  • Gain business efficiencies with data analytics.

Local Host Data Collection

  • Includes data collection software for Windows PC at no cost.
  • Collected data can be used by SCADA systems via Modbus/TCP.

Supports multiple PLC devices and Modbus equipment from different vendors

Compatible with Mitsubishi MELSEC-FX / -A / -Q / -L – iQ-R series, Omron Sysmac C / CPM / CS /CJ / CP series, and JTEKT TOYOPUC PC10G-CPU series.
Communicates with a variety of Modbus equipment

List of supported PLCs and Modbus equipment

Link up to 10 systems and 100 register groups

Connect up to 10 PLCs using an Ethernet connection or up to 30 PLCs using a serial connection.
Connect up to 100 register groups, gather up to 1000 data.

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