Robot Breakdown Prediction System in Automobile Factories

System Overview

This system prevents long stoppages of production lines by the motor failure of manufacturing robots. When it detects a predictor of robot breakdown based on the actual current waveform of a robot motor compared with the normal one, it alerts to prevent production line stoppage through preventive maintenance or other precautions.

Systems Diagram

The motor currents in each axis of industrial robots are measured to monitor the load status of the motors. Current waveforms are obtained for each robot cycle. If the current value is out of threshold level, the system issues an alarm to notify the operator and prevent equipment stoppage.

This system is created using the industrial computers and analog data acquisition boards both from CONTEC.


  • Highly reliable FA computer

    CONTEC’s industrial computers are designed for environmental durability, achieving high reliability.
    We offer a wide variety of computer products to suit customers’ specific environments of usage.

  • Various analog data acquisition boards

    Wide variety of analog data acquisition boards enables customers can select the most suited one to their specific measuring signals and usage.

  • We propose equipment suitable for the intended use

    CONTEC can recommend a system configuration best suited to your specific purposes using our products, including industrial computers, data acquisition and control devices, wireless LAN, and IoT devices.

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