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CONPROSYS HMI System is based on HTML5 technology. The software collects data, enables control functions as well as alarm detection and notifications, and displays process charts, trend graphs, reports, and other information from various IoT gateway devices compatible with CONPROSYS series and MQTT (Message Queueing Telemetry Transport) communication devices on an HMI monitoring screen. This enables simplified development and operation of monitoring and management systems for a variety of purposes.

The Demo Site is opening!

The CHS monitoring demo site is opening. You can experience the actual operation feeling and functions.


  • Monitoring is possible through any browser that supports HTML5, allowing users to monitor equipment not only from PCs but also tablets and smartphones.
  • All development and execution tasks involved with constructing a system can be performed over the web. No specialized knowledge is necessary, and screen creation is as easy as dragging and dropping using a web browser.
  • The software includes an image library for drawing process charts with more than 60 different components, as well as a dedicated tool for simplified editing of detailed screens.
  • The software supports the MQTT protocol, and can also be used with IoT gateways that use MQTT communication functions. An MQTT Broker is also included.
  • Using a Windows Server environment as the execution environment makes it possible to use the software in any environment, including in the cloud or an on-premise environment.
  • Licenses can be purchased according to the scale of the system (number of projects).


  • To download free of charge software, customer has to register myCONTEC membership in advance.

Data Collection Software

CONPROSYS provides free Windows-based software to store data on a local computer or local network environment.


  • Data collected from sensors and control devices will be stored on a PC on the local network.
  • You just need to install the software without detailed settings to get the data and store it on the server.
  • The data accumulated on the server can be monitored on the screen in a list.


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    To download free of charge software, customer has to register myCONTEC membership in advance.

Operating Environment

Supported OS
  • Windows 7(32bit / 64bit)
  • Windows 8.1(32bit / 64bit)
  • Windows 10(64bit)
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit
  • Windows Server 2012
Supported Devices M2M controller (integrated type)

CONTEC Data Collector


CONTEC Data Collector is a software that implements cooperation between the Edgecross basic software platform and the data of our I/O measurement control and remote I/O devices. CONTEC Data Collector enables us to utilize our abundant measurement control and remote I/O equipment on the Edgecross platform, and use the data read / write / collect functions. Data can be collected from sensors and switch circuits that are not compatible with industrial networks. We will expand the range of utilization of the Edgecross platform and contribute to the development of various industries as well as the manufacturing industry.

What is Edgecross

It is a standard and open platform that transcends the boundaries of companies and industries that promote the IoT of manufacturing sites. It connects the edge computing areas between FA and IT systems, enabling seamless hardware-independent collaboration.


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    Purchase / installation procedure:
    1. Purchase and pre-install the "Edgecross basic software for Windows"opening another window (valid only in Japan).
    2. Purchase CONTEC data collector from Edgecross Marketplace and obtain a license key. (valid only in Japan).
    3. Download the installer of CONTEC data collector from Edgecross Marketplace or Contec HP.
    4. Start up the downloaded installer and enter the purchased license key to use it.

Industrial Computer with Data Collector

CONPROSYS IoT Edge Controller

Secured IoT device for edge computing

  • Compatible with Trellix (Former McAfee) white listing anti-virus software
  • Three Gigabit LAN ports interconnect differing network hierarchy
  • Available models for Edgecross platform


Seminar Textbook

For hands-on seminar of the CONPROSYS series [10MB]

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  • Seminar Textbook

    For hands-on seminar of the CONPROSYS series [10MB]

    Free Download

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