Video Recording and Distribution System for Surgical Operations

System Overview

Advancement of surgical imaging technologies today helps not only a physician at surgical operation room but the other medical staff, nurses and diagnosis engineer. Those images especially videos requires High Dynamic Range and/or low light camera devices that is not used as IP cameras.

For such demand from medical staffs, special designed camera system with high resolution (4K/FHD) are used to capture operation videos.

The medical video recording / streaming system requires camera image capturing in surgical room. Our industrial mother board is used for the video encoder unit of the system.

Requirements For Industrial Motherboards

  • Small footprint MB with 10th Gen. Intel Core i7/i5 processors
  • PCI Express (x4~) for video capture board
  • 12VDC Single power supply
  • Internal (on-board pin header) USB port for storage connection
  • Boot up from M.2 storage

System Diagram

Video Network System

Features of the Industrial Motherboards

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