DIO-1616LN-FIT Digital I/O F&eIT I/O unit 16ch/16ch (isolated 12 - 48VDCisolated 12 - 24VDC)

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Overview / Features

This product is an isolated digital input and output unit of F&eIT remote I/O system that realizes monitoring and control of devices scattered remotely, through PCs connected to Ethernet. Since existing network infrastructure can be used, the system can be built easily by just connecting with LAN cables. It is possible to connect external devices, such as adjacent switches, lamps and LEDs, to perform input/output of digital signals. Compact design not restricting installation location (188.0(W) x 78.0(D) x 30.5(H)) makes it easy to install the product within the panel or device using DIN rail mounting jigs, or on the floor or wall. Windows driver library is supplied. It is possible to confirm the operations through the diagnosis monitor without any programming. It has the 16ch of Optocoupler isolated inputs and 16ch of Optocoupler isolated open-collector outputs.

    • It has the 16ch of Optocoupler isolated inputs (for use with current sink output / current source output) and 16ch of Optocoupler isolated open-collector outputs (current sink type). The output rating is max. 24VDC, 150mA or 48VDC, 50mA per ch. Common terminal provided per 8ch, capable of supporting a different external power supply. You can check the digital input or output by using the LED indicator.
    • This product has a digital filter to prevent wrong recognition of input signals from carrying noise or a chattering. All input terminals can be added a digital filter, and the setting can be performed by software. In addition, it is equipped with a failsafe function. When communication failure occurs, such as LAN cable disconnection, it is possible to notify the external devices by outputting a specific user-defined signal pattern.
    • Compact design of 188.0(W) x 78.0(D) x 30.5(H) does not require special installation location.
    • Compatible with a wide range of power supplies : 5 to 24VDC, and can be used in various environments. An FG terminal is also provided in the power connector. Furthermore, it is possible to screw fit the power connector on to the body to prevent detachment.
    • Installation on the floor / wall /ceiling is possible by screw fastening, magnet, rubber feet, etc. In addition, DIN rail mounting mechanism is equipped as standard with the product, making it easy to install the product within the panel or the device.
    • Using the attached driver library makes it possible to create applications of Window. As the driver library was designed taking into consideration compatibility with the API functions [API-PAC(W32)] of the measurement control and communication interface board, if you have experience in these applications, smooth programming is possible. In addition, a diagnostic program by which the operations of hardware can be checked is provided. In addition, using generic socket functions makes it possible to implement control under OS other than Windows, such as UNIX machine.

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