Disaster Prevention and ICT Education. Feel Secure from Reliability.

Wireless LAN is steadily being introduced at school and public place as a disaster prevention measure as well as to help with ICT education. While the use of ICT improves lesson quality, issues such as security, the number of connected devices, and the added burden on administrators are viewed as problems. In addition, with the diversity of working styles, maintaining business network reliability and high availability becomes more important. Network system is becoming increasingly necessary from the perspective of their composition and operation.

Advantage of Wireless LAN Designed by CONTEC

CONTEC’s wireless LAN options support various wireless LAN systems ranging from the smallest to the largest. We can create the optimal ICT environment that best suits the individual characteristics of each educational facility. We propose wireless LAN environments that can be managed without the need for any special IT skills and that can be placed anywhere, and moreover, within budget constraints. Communications are encrypted using a proprietary security function, the educational facility’s important data are protected from eavesdropping as well as from leakage, and the burden placed on the administrators is reduced.

Case Studies


To provide community safety, HANSHIN ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO., LTD. has developed and is promoting the child GPS tracking service "Mimamorume". The key to providing this service is robust hardware that can withstand a rigorous environment. Contec's embedded Box Computer was chosen for this reason.

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