Touch Panel Computers

Our embedded "Panel Computers" integrate a touch panel LCD with a PC. Suitable for operation panels, operation terminals, and monitoring systems in machine equipment and on production lines.

Contec's Unique Functions

Panel Computers

Contec fanless panel computers are designed to be compact and save power while offering a variety of mounting and screen size options to ensure easy installation and operation.

10" - 12" 15" - 17" 18" - 21"




10" - 12" 15" - 17" 18" - 21"
  • WL:Wireless LAN/Bluetooth
  • IPX2:Water Resistant (IPX2)
  • NFC:Built-in NFC card reader/writer
  • FR:Fingerprint-resistant Touch

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Contec’s STAND-PCs include high-performance models for applications requiring high-speed processing. With their large screen and tablet-like multi-touch operation capabilities, these PCs have been adopted as display monitors for a wide range of applications including process management and work instruction displays on manufacturing lines, operating panels for industrial equipment, and employee entry/exit management. Each PC comes built-to-order (BTO), enabling customers to select their desired display, CPU, memory, storage, and wireless LAN specifications, etc., in order to optimize the device for their intended application or budget.

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