CONPROSYS™ Industrial IoT

Complete IoT System Creation Environment

CONPROSYS provides one-stop IoT services for operation monitoring and visualization of existing factory equipment in various industries. Without coding and programming. Just by configuration, you can start IoT!

For over 30 years, Contec has led the PC- based electronic measurement, control, and factory automation markets with a wide variety of interface boards, sensors, and field equipment.
Our remote monitoring systems are integrated in more than 20,000 solar power stations and infrastructure equipment.
Our latest innovation is the result of extensive research and development aimed at providing customers with a path to IoT/M2M Solutions.
CONPROSYS is an easy-to-install IoT device offering cloud services.

Products and Series

Easy Construction of IoT Environments The M2M Controller series is available in two types: an integrated type that has the controller and I/O modules functions built in and a configurable type whose controller can be expanded by adding I/O modules. This ensures a flexible configuration to suit the actual installation location, wiring methods, and I/O points.

IoT-based PLCs and CNCs with Multi-vendor Support The M2M Gateway series supports both OPC UA communication and MTConnect communication, making integration of existing equipment into an IoT system easy. Data collection from multiple PLCs is possible with just one device.

Easily Link Existing Equipment to IoT Systems The PAC System series is a real-time controller compatible with CODESYS programming per the IEC 61131-3 international standard. Equipped with functions enabling open system construction within the manufacturing industry, this device enables complete system optimization by integrating PLC and HMI control in addition to implementing open communication. EtherCAT slave units are also available.

Completely Program-free Remote Monitoring Solution Specializing in constant monitoring and telemetry systems, the TM series comes standard-equipped with all the functions necessary for remote monitoring systems—including web-based monitoring, file saving, and event monitoring (e-mail notifications, etc.)—enabling complete control of operations from setup to operation using only a web browser.

IP67 compliant, for Use with Multiple Global Industrial Ethernet Protocols Function as a gateway for efficiently integrating industrial Ethernet backbone networks with IO-Link.By using the CONPROSYS IO-Link, it is now possible to view statuses and diagnostic information at the component level—such as those of sensors or actuators—from upper levels.

Impressive Cost Performance Remote I/O The nano series is an affordable, compact remote I/O device designed with a focus not only on the ease of use but also the necessary functions.. Both modular remote I/O coupler units and programmable remote I/O coupler units are available.

Built-in Windows PC for Internet Connectivity The IoT Edge controller is a DIN rail-mounted fanless Windows PC usable with CONPROSYS I/O modules and comes equipped with Trellix (Former McAfee) Whitelist Solution security software as standard.

Conprosys Alphaシリーズイメージ図

Appliance Products Straight from Contec Komaki Factory Contec’s Alpha series includes box products with all the functions required for on-site installation in addition to pre-packaged options for easy introduction of previously unused traceability mechanisms.

Easily Link with Partner Solutions Software for linking with partner solutions is available. Contec also offers a free software development kit that allows users to take advantage of the wide variety of CONPROSYS hardware.

Software Development Kit

Freely utilize the overwhelming device lineup We provide a "Linux SDK" that utilizes the CONPROSYS hardware as a Linux controller and an "extended SDK" that allows you to add user programs free of charge.

VTC Script Sample Programs

Sample Programs for Monitoring and Controlling Routines. We provide a variety of samples free of charge that allow you to conveniently use the task script functions installed in M2M controllers and M2M gateways.


Case Studies

Designed for agricultural applications using ICT (information and communication technology), Contec’s CONPROSYS™ PAC series is being used in cutting-edge hydroponic culture for melons. Such systems highlight the practical use of next-generation agriculture techniques.


If we can't obtain the various atmospheric data in-house and automate irrigation, there is no need for implementation (prior investment). Initially, At the beginning, we had used our customized microcomputers; however, the moisture created rust, and there were issues with reliability.


We expect to gain prior investment back since we found that this system is able to increase production and profit. We would like to optimize the cultivation management with IoT by analyzing the sensing data on cloud computing.

As Contec’s head factory, the Komaki Factory makes use of the accumulation of manufacturing data in order to improve productivity and to actively promote visualization for immediate innovation toward an IoT plant capable of small lot production of many products. To meet these goals, Contec’s own CONPROSYS products are being put to use.


In addition to proving the usefulness of Contec products, which is the main goal, Komaki Factory faced the realistic issue that it was slow to achieve visualization through IoT compared to other companies, but with rapid implementation in house, the company also had the intention to create innovations in production.


Before implementation, only the actual data could be confirmed using figures in the legacy production management system, but after implementation, the production status, operation status, and work site environmental management could be visualized in real-time using a tablet or smartphone, thereby greatly improving productivity.

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