Product Warranties

The warranty provided below applies to the products manufactured by Contec Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Product").

Warranty Certificate

You can download the warranty card from the following. The warranty period varies from product to product. Please check the "Product Guide" included with this product or each product page on the homepage.

Warranty Provisions

  1. In the event that this product (the “Product”) has a malfunction, if the customer (“you”) makes a request to the place of purchase regarding the malfunction within the warranty period, Contec Co., Ltd. (“we”) will repair the malfunctioning part(s) of the Product, via the place of purchase, free of charge. If we cannot repair the Product, we may, at our opinion, replace the Product with an identical or similar product, or refund the purchase price. This constitutes our entire liability which will never exceed the price you paid up for it.
  2. Even during the warranty period, the warranty will not apply in the following cases :
    1. If this Warranty is not presented to us ;
    2. If this Warranty or any userspecific information (product name, serial number, etc. ) has yet to be filled in or if any portion thereof is altered ;
    3. If the Product was not used under normal circumstance in accordance with the conditions and / or warnings provided in the instructions, manual or the like of the Product, with respect to the circumstances of use, method of use, usage environment, etc., of the Product ;
    4. If the malfunction or damage occurs due to inappropriate handling of the Product by you or any third party, such as dropping or bumping it during transport or movement after purchase ;
    5. If the malfunction or damage occurs due to inappropriate storage or handling of the Product by, or the careless, negligent or other actions of, yourself or any third party ;
    6. If the malfunction or damage is caused due to hardware and / or software which is not part of the Product ;
    7. If the malfunction or damage is caused due to a modification of the Product made by any workers not approved by us ;
    8. If the malfunction or damage is caused by fire, earthquake, flood, lightning strike, any other act of God, environmental pollution or abnormal voltage ; and
    9. Exchange of consumable goods and parts with limited lifetime specified by Contec.
    10. Investigation to specify the point of malfunction and cause.
  3. When repairing or replacing a Product built-in or attached to other equipment, products, etc., please detach the Product and send it to the location which we designate by yourself. We will either return the Product to you after the repairs are completed or send you an identical or similar product.
    This warranty does not cover on-site repairs, readjustments associated with the detachment or replacement of the Product, or any other labor not described in this Warranty.
  4. This Warranty covers only hardware aspect of the Product, and does not cover the software thereof.
  5. Regardless of whether a request is made within the warranty period, we disclaim any indirect or consequential damage (including any opportunity loss, compensation for any businessrelated damages), deterioration or loss of data or information, damage to anything other than the product, or any other matters not described in this warranty, incurred by yourself or your customers.
  6. We disclaim all express and implied warranties to the fullest extent permitted by law. If we cannot disclaim implied warranties under applicable law, then to the extent possible, such implied warranties are limited to the duration of the express warranty. The warranty duration of any replaced or repaired product will be that portion of the warranty period remaining on your original product.


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