Advancing Safety, Security and efficiency in Transportation

In the transportation industry, ICT and IoT technologies are being implemented and applied to areas such as safety, accident prevention, optimization, energy saving, barrier-free designs, and service improvements. In the railway industry, IoT technology is drawing attention for keeping competitiveness of railway system apart amid severe competition in global market, especially with respect to facility maintenance, service and security improvements in rolling stocks.

CONTEC’s Robust Devices furnished for Industrial Applications

CONTEC provides in-vehicle computers for buses, special purpose vehicles as well as computers for rolling stocks compliant with railway standard EN50155. We offer optimum products and solutions by our vast experience in digital signage, location management and fleet management.

We realize your challenges using cutting-edge technologies such as information terminal for forklifts / automated guided vehicles at wharf, distribution centers, and in factories, as well as wireless LAN systems for mobile communications.

Case Studies


Digital signage is growing as a new advertising media and means of information distribution just as TV, newspaper, and magazines.
East Japan Marketing & Communications, Inc. installed a test version of its digital signage in the Yaesu south entrance concourse of Tokyo Station in July 2008.
Since then, it has continued installing similar setups throughout the city, and by the end of 2009, the "J-AD Vision" digital signage had expanded to a total of 170 screens at 18 different locations in 12 metropolitan stations.


ONGAKUKAN Co.,Ltd. used the Contec F&eIT controller module in the renovation of the Railway Museum's 209 (Keihin-Tohoku Line) and 211 (Takasaki Line) series train simulators. These simulators require precision and feature a wire-saving system that connects the equipment and computer by LAN cable while maintaining ample responsiveness.


Hanshin Expressway Engineering Company Limited is primarily involved in the construction, rebuilding, maintenance, repair, and disaster recovery of expressway facilities in the Hanshin area of Western Japan extending 243.8 km. Using its video distribution technology cultivated through the maintenance and management of expressways, the company developed a real-time medical emergency video distribution system, "Dr. Now", and the Contec BOX Computer is used in the image processing and communications computers of first responder vehicles.


During TV weather reports, you've probably seen landscape video along with the narration, "Today, we are reporting from …." These weather cameras are mounted on roofs of certain buildings as well as scenic and historical spots. While cameras mounted on buildings are usually fixed, cameras at scenic and historical spots often use an extendable pole so as to capture the view. To take video, the pole is extended and the camera is raised. When the video ends, the pole is retracted and the camera is hidden in the shadows. YUASA Co., Ltd., which has its head office in Kita-ku, Okayama in Southwest Japan, is a leader in weather cameras and monitoring cameras as well as hydraulic telescoping poles mounted on broadcasting relay vehicles.


TaiyoTaihei Kogyo Corporation is a leading engineering company in Japan. This system was delivered to a collection business as a case study for a mobile management system. By registering garbage collection requests from costumers on a map, this system integratescentrally manages everything from customer management to collection records management. The IPC-BX 800 industrial computer has the daily schedule of the trucks and the collection rout, and that information is displayed on a map. Instructions to make additional unscheduled collections can be sent to the driver by cell phone network to accurately. The collection status and record information are sent to an office (base station), and billing to garbage collection customers can be performed as needed.


The maintenance core system is essential for the safety of aircraft companies. Facing with the system reform, JAPAN AIR COMMUTER CO., LTD. (JAC) was required to extend the current system with limited budget due to severe financial condition of the Japan Airlines (JAL) group. BOX Computer of Contec was the one which cleared hard challenges such as security issues related to the end of OS support and regulations of JAL group.

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