FLEXLAN IoT Industrial IoT Networks

The legal regulations in each country are becoming more diverse because of the progress of digitization. Contec's FLEXLAN IoT has acquired wireless standard certifications in major industrialized nations. It can be exported, bought and used globally.


Embedded Wireless LAN Modules

Contec's embedded wireless LAN modules are an intelligent modules equip with encryption, authentication, and management functions. Wired LAN equipment can immediately be made wireless. The modules can be used with a variety of applications such as surveillance cameras, unmanned transportation vehicles, robots, and forklifts.

Industrial Network Cards

An industrial network cards that add LAN ports to various types of industrial computers. It supports long-term stable supply and wide operating temperature environments required for industrial applications, and can be used with confidence in applications such as production facilities, plants, and social infrastructure.

Industrial Switching HUB

Reliable switching HUBs made by Contec for industrial IoT. 12-54VDC wide range power input PoE compatible models are also available. Ideal for use in embedded devices, in outdoor control panels with wired LAN, and field networks. Used in digitalizing systems such as in energy facility monitoring, building management, manufacturing equipment, and machine equipment.

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