Bringing the Convenience of Raspberry Pi to FA and Measurement Control

Unique! Raspberry Pi Solutions from Contec

Expanded the original HAT specifications to allow stack connections of up to 8 cards

Connect up to 8 cards

FA control and measurement control systems require large numbers of signal inputs and outputs. Where previously only a single card could be connected, Contec has expanded the HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) specifications to allow multilevel connections. Our original Board ID system allows a maximum of 8 cards to be connected in a stack for use with systems that require multiple signal inputs and outputs.


Utilize all valuable development assets with multi-platform support

Easy replace

Do you want to replace part of a PC-based system with Raspberry Pi? Do you want to scale-up a Raspberry Pi-based system to a PC-base? Contec makes these changes possible with a minimum of program changes. Integrated driver software minimizes the effects of hardware differences, ensuring high compatibility on the API level.


Contec has the solution for measurement control in every age

Support PythonSupports the popular IoT languages Python and Linux standard gcc. Contains multiple sample programs.

allows connectionThe CPI Series includes a convenient terminal block that allows connection and disconnection of wired HATs, as well as push-type terminals for tool-free wiring.

Embedded with Raspberry PiEven if it is Raspberry Pi, you want a sturdy assembly, right? Accessories for practical installation are available.

Continually Expanding! Product Lineup


Upgrade Raspberry Pi to industrial computers

RAS function expansion card

  • Built-in clock (RTC) with backup battery, watchdog timer, hardware monitor
  • 8 to 28 VDC power supply input (power supply to Raspberry Pi)
  • Power switch, LED light control, GPIO control

DIN rail mounting kit

  • Simple mounting onto DIN rails. Wall mounting and desktop installation are also supported.
  • Color selected specially for Raspberry Pi
  • Matte coating that makes scratches less visible


Digital I/O Cards / Relay Output Cards
LED/lamp control output, pulse output, ON/OFF signal input, parallel signal (binary/BCD) input/output

Opto-coupler isolated digital I/O

  • 8 NPN transistor outputs (open collector, current sink type)
  • 8 voltage inputs (Supports both current sink and current source types.)

Opto-coupler isolated digital I/O (negative-common)

  • 8 PNP transistor outputs (current source type)
  • 8 voltage inputs (Supports both current sink and current source types.)

Opto-coupler isolated digital output

  • 16 NPN transistor outputs (open collector, current sink type)

Opto-coupler isolated digital output (negative-common)

  • 16 PNP transistor outputs (current source type)

Opto-coupler isolated digital input

  • 16 voltage inputs (Supports both current sink and current source types.)

Solid state relay contact output

  • 16 photo MOS relay outputs


Analog I/O Cards
Voltage/current measurement, sensor connection. Analog voltage/current control output


Isolated analog input

  • 12-bit analog input 8 ch (differential 4 ch)
  • Voltage input/Current input

Isolated analog output

  • 16-bit analog output 2 ch
  • Voltage output/Current output


Counter Cards
Flow volume, power, and other pulse integration/Incremental encoder and linear scale position detection


Isolated counter

  • 32-bit up/down counter 1 ch
  • Single phase input/Two-phase input (A/B/Z)

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