Using the Highly Reliable FA Computer VPC-1000 for a Security Monitoring System

In addition to the manufacture and sale of monitoring cameras and lenses, CBC also constructs total security systems using network technology. The GANZ Pro advanced recording program for network cameras is used in apartments, supermarkets, convenience stores, financial institutions, and data centers. The Contec FA computer VPC-1000 is used as the GANZ Pro security system.

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Take Action with Security Systems to Support Safety and Security

Modern society is ever-changing. But crime is also becoming more advanced and diversifying in response. Security systems that can handle various environments are needed to ensure a society where people can live with peace of mind. To meet these needs, security-related manufacturers are making efforts to research and develop security equipment that can constantly ensure safety and security.
CBC (head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) not only manufactures and sells monitoring camera lenses and cameras, but also constructs total security monitoring systems. This development-type trading company functions both as a manufacturer by making use of its advanced technology and as a trading company that imports, exports, and domestically markets composite resins, chemicals, medicine, pesticides, food, electronic and optical equipment, solar cells and fuel cells, as well as fabric and clothing. CBC is the world's top manufacturer in monitoring camera lenses in the security industry, and the GANZ brand is one of the most popular monitoring camera lines sold in Japan.
In addition to the manufacture and sale of monitoring cameras and lenses, CBC also constructs total security systems using network technology.

Total Security System for the Network Age GANZ

GANZ Pro Advanced Recording Program for Network Cameras

GANZ Pro, an advanced recording program for network cameras, enables the import of images from monitoring cameras to a computer via a network for surveillance and recording. It is active in a wide variety of locations, including apartments, supermarkets, convenience stores, financial institutions, and data centers, all through a security company.
GANZ Pro offers the following main functions and features:

  • Simultaneous recording of up to 32 network cameras (registration of up to 200 cameras)
  • Intuitive operation on a compact remote-controlled screen
  • Dual display of playback screen and live video or dual live video by connecting two monitors
  • Password control of administrator mode to prevent misoperation
  • Multi-display function using 4 to 24 split screens to monitor multiple locations with multiple cameras
  • Pan-tilt-zoom (PIZ) window function for individual camera operation
  • Auto switcher function for automatic switching of camera images during split screen display
  • Privacy mask function for masking unwanted areas
  • Map function for quick identification of camera position and easy selection
  • Magnifying glass function for zooming in (up to 16x) on areas of live video
  • Still picture (JPEG) or video (AVI) conversion for viewing on a separate computer
  • Motion recording function that analyzes changes in images and automatically starts recording
  • Motion search function for quick playback of video with motion from recorded files

Using the Highly Reliable FA Computer VPC-1000

Security monitoring systems must be able to continuously operate 24/7/365, and therefore, the core computer requires a high level of reliability. A major premise of the system is secure, trouble-free operation, but if an accident should occur, the system would need to recover with minimal down-time. In addition, regular maintenance is required even after a production stop. Therefore, an industrial computer must be selected instead of a general-purpose computer that frequently changes models.
However, industrial computers that are generally designed for use in plants have insufficient image processing capacity, which is required by monitoring systems. The Contec FA computer VPC-1000 meets these requirements as well as other conditions, and it is used in this system.
Plans are being made to update GANZ Pro to make it more general and to strengthen its functions as well as to improve its human recognition performance (to prevent the false detection of small animals and weather elements) and provide facial recognition. To support these enhanced features, Contec plans to release the VPC-2000 series with a stronger CPU.

FA Computer VPC-1000

The VPC-1000 is a reliable FA computer with an impressive price/value. It is recommended for general business computing as well as factory automation. This product was designed with maintenance in mind and features a general slim computer size, three standard size PCI ports, and easy exchange of the cooling fan, battery, and other consumables replaceable from the front. Of course it is designed with longevity in mind. It is a highly reliable product with a long-lasting set-up and design. In addition, there is a watchdog timer function to monitor the current state of operation.

Customer Profile

Chosen for Long-term Stability and Reliability

Mitokazu Michishita, Corporate Executive Officer, New Business Department
Contec products were chosen mainly because, unlike consumer-use computers that undergo a model change every four quarters, one model provides long-term stability. The most important part of a security system is that it is safe and secure, so it is only natural that we demand reliability from the product itself. It has been one year since the product was implemented, and it has been trouble-free and has earned customer trust. We will continue to work with Contec as a good partner.

24-hour continuous operation FA computer working nonstop VPC-1000

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