Adopting Bedside Information Terminals at 300 Private Rooms

Kameda General Hospital is working to further enhance its medical services, which place emphasis on the patient, and it has incorporated the DIT-1000 bedside information terminal in 300 rooms in its private inpatient room facility, K-Tower. This multi-function information terminal provides TV viewing, Internet browsing, food selection, and viewing of electronic medical records connected to the hospital information network.

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Medical Services that Put the Patient First

Kameda General Hospital, located in Kameda Medical Center, a comprehensive medical service facility in Kamogawa, Chiba, is working to further enhance its medical services to put the patient first as a main hospital in southern Chiba Prefecture. In response to current condition at many Japanese medical facilities that feature advanced technology but low patient satisfaction, Kameda General Hospital generated a concept of creating "participating medical care" that enables patients to be actively involved in their treatment and creating hospital rooms that feel like home and enable the patient to receive treatment while relaxing. Because it is a medical facility with high quality patient standards and provides full services such as amenities in patient rooms similar to resort hotels, Kameda General Hospital continually ranks toward the top in hospital rankings by patients and is covered often in the media as a high quality hospital.

Kameda General Hospital offers rooms with ocean views

Switching to DIT-1000 Bedside Information Terminals for Enhanced Service

Have you ever been hospitalized? Most of the time in the hospital is spent in bed. Your means for entertainment and information during your hospitalization may be limited to newspapers, magazines, and paid bedside TV. To reduce the inconvenient lifestyle during hospitalization, the "bedside information terminal" provides services that the patient can enjoy. Not only can you watch TV, you can also surf the Internet, send and receive email, and shop online. It provides an environment similar to living at home.
In 2005, Kameda General Hospital began installing bedside information terminals into each of the 300 rooms in its private room facility, K-Tower. However, there were complaints that the screen was smaller than normal in-home TVs, the picture quality was poor, and the TV could not be watched until the computer was started. As a result, in March 2012, the Contec DIT-1000 bedside information terminal was used to replace the existing terminals. The DIT-1000 is a highly functional information terminal that combines a panel computer featuring a 18.5-inch wide touch-screen LCD with an independent HDTV function. The main feature is that the TV function is completely separate from the computer, so you can watch TV simply by turning on the power without having to wait for the computer to start up.

Watch TV, browse the Internet, or use the touch-screen for online shopping

Used for Medical Services and Nurse Support in Addition to Amenity Services

The DIT-1000 also enables unique services such as concierge services for shopping, room service from restaurants, and food selection. Not only does the DIT-1000 provide TV viewing, Internet access, hospital food selection, and other full-service amenities, patients can also view their electronic medical record to promote better sharing of information between patient and medical staff, thereby enhancing the relationship of trust between the patient and hospital. The facility has plans to install information terminals not only in the private room ward but throughout the hospital to provide advanced healthcare services that enable sharing of the hospital information network with all patients.

Customer testimonials

  • "I'm happy that I can watch baseball, sumo, and other live sports on the satellite channel in high quality picture and audio on a large screen."
  • "The information terminal can be connected to a video camera to view home videos, so I can enjoy the growth of my grandchildren on a high quality picture."
  • "The computer is quiet, so I can enjoy the Internet without inconveniencing others."

DIT-1000 Bedside Information Terminal

  • Universal design with rounded corner display
  • Separate TV and computer functions that enable TV viewing independent of computer operation
  • 18.5-inch wide touch-screen LCD display with high image quality
  • Built-in TV tuner for terrestrial digital broadcasts and two satellite digital broadcast systems
  • LED backlight for energy savings
  • Equipped with Windows Embedded Standard 2009 for constructing information terminal applications in a software development environment
  • Equipped with abundant interfaces including USB and HDMI for video camera connectivity and viewing
  • Comes with 6W stereo sound and headphone jack

DIT-1000 Bedside Information Terminal

The Future of Contec

Contec is continuing to create plans for the medical industry both in and outside of Japan by combining its ASP* software package that adds hospital information and food selection functions to a bedside information terminal. Even after developing new information terminals and enhancing and implementing its software, Contec is planning full support and maintenance services that can be operated long term with peace of mind

  • *
    Application Service Provider. A provider that delivers application software to users over the Internet using a rental pricing model. The user does not need to install the application software on their system.

Customer Profile

Shinsuke Kameda, Hospital Director
We did business with Contec more than 10 years ago when constructing a wireless LAN system as electronic medical records began to take off. When we introduced the bedside information terminal five years ago, we ran into several problems with image and sound quality of the most frequently watched TV content. We give high praise to Contec for not only solving these issues but working together with us while incorporating our needs. We look forward to continually working with Contec as a partner that supports developments in the healthcare industry.

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