The BX-950 Box Computer Supports "J-AD Vision" Digital Signage at Shinagawa Station

Digital signage is growing as a new advertising media and means of information distribution just as TV, newspaper, and magazines.
East Japan Marketing & Communications, Inc. installed a test version of its digital signage in the Yaesu south entrance concourse of Tokyo Station in July 2008.
Since then, it has continued installing similar setups throughout the city, and by the end of 2009, the "J-AD Vision" digital signage had expanded to a total of 170 screens at 18 different locations in 12 metropolitan stations.

  • Digital signage
  • Transportation
  • Space saving
  • Enhanced features
  • Quality improvement

High-performance Set-top Box with Small Footprint and Durable Design

This product has the power to play back HD images and other rich content while maintaining a small footprint and a design that requires neither a fan nor a hard drive. It is widely acclaimed for its superiority of being able to reduce total costs including running costs. Each display is connected to an IPC-BX950T1D-DC unit.

The free passage inside Shinagawa Station connects the central entrance to the Shinkansen platforms and Konan exit. Here, there is a constant stream of people headed to the business district and airport.

The BX950 Super slim embedded Box Computer

The BX950 "Box Computer" can be installed in an area with a size of only 35 mm x 182 mm x 257 mm. The space-saving design means you don't have to worry about the installation location. The diskless design makes it perfect for embedded use and long-term applications. The fanless construction lets it hold up in rigorous environments and reduces maintenance and inspection work. In addition, it is equipped with a DVI interface for full HD display (1920 x 1080 pixels) and can be connected to an HDTV (only for model with DVI).


  • Enables display of highly appealing advertising tailored to the target.
  • Various images can be displayed to the same client at once.
  • Uses 65-inch vertical HD displays for high-resolution still images and video.
  • To date, successful use of "J-AD Vision" implemented.

Implementation Effects

  • Uses an ultra-thin embedded Box Computer to realize a compact design, space savings, and an enhanced overall aesthetic.
  • Stable operation in a station that requires environment-resistant performance (half-outdoor) (fanless, with an operating temperature of 0 to 50℃).
  • Uses a high-speed dual CPU and high-speed graphics accelerator for high image quality delivery.

Customer Profile

Both an Advertising Company and a Media Company

East Japan Marketing & Communications, Inc.
We propose more effective communication by combining mainly traffic advertising with other media. In particular, we develop business plans by efficiently combining the client's needs with our accumulated know-how and various resources through the JR East Japan Group that includes stations, railcars, stores, and Suica system, and we offer marketing expertise. (From the East Japan Marketing & Communications, Inc. web site)

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