Issuing Instructions to Gabage Truck Drivers from a Mobile Management System and Providing Driving Support

TaiyoTaihei Kogyo Corporation is a leading engineering company in Japan. This system was delivered to a collection business as a case study for a mobile management system. By registering garbage collection requests from costumers on a map, this system integratescentrally manages everything from customer management to collection records management. The IPC-BX 800 industrial computer has the daily schedule of the trucks and the collection rout, and that information is displayed on a map. Instructions to make additional unscheduled collections can be sent to the driver by cell phone network to accurately. The collection status and record information are sent to an office (base station), and billing to garbage collection customers can be performed as needed.

  • Telematics
  • Transportation
  • Cost savings
  • Work efficiency improvement
  • Enhanced features


Onboard equipment

An LCD monitor and computer can be separately installed on the truck.

LCD monitor display map

Guides the driver with the optimal collection route

System Configuration Diagram


Important System Points

Security Countermeasures

The information is managed at the management center so even if the garbage collection computer system is stolen, no information is leaked.

Enhanced Processing Capacity

The enhanced processing capacity of the computer enables display of map information, detailed collection destination information, where to park during collection, and important customer information. This system differs from regular car navigation systems in that the management center provides the appropriate collection route. Even new drivers unfamiliar with the collection route can respond just like experienced drivers.

Reduced driver office work

In the past, after completing the collection work, a driver would have to put in extra hours and create a daily report.  The mobile management system enables the work status and results to be reported automatically from the onboard computer online, thereby reducing the driver's work and greatly reducing the cost even from the business side.

Communication between vehicles

For example, if a truck cannot make a collection within the time frame due to an unforeseen garbage collection volume, that information is shared between vehicles, and the collection route for support is indicated on the map.


The following functions have achieved by linking the collection truck management system for collection businesses with the trucks by cell phone network.

  • Customer management
  • Collection point management
  • Collection route and schedule management
  • Collection route guidance (onboard terminal)
  • Truck position and movement management
  • Collection and disposal record management
  • Output of record details and other forms

Implementation Effects

  • The IPC-BX 800 with excellent vibration resistance and wide operating temperature range is suitable for constructing a reliable system.
  • The LCD monitor and computer are installed separately on the driver's side of the truck, which has limited space, and it can be intuitively operated just like a car navigation system.
  • The system uses the Compact Flash recording medium with no moving parts to prevent breakdown due to an operating environment with vibrations. In addition, the expanded interface is concentrated on the front panel for ease of maintenance.

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