New Product Release - Enabling Signal Input and Output and Capturing Analog Signal at 1 km Distance. Wireless I/O Series with Sub-1GHz Multi-hop Communication and EU & US standard compliance.

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CONTEC Co., Ltd. has developed wireless communication devices for global market by using low-power wireless communication technology that specifies Sub-1GHz band in order to enable signal input and output control, sensor input, and actuator control at a distance of 1 km. These devices will be released for sale to EU and US market as wireless I/O series for PC measurement and control as of August 21, 2018.

Wireless I/O Series From the left: GW1-ETH-WQ-US,DIO-0404LY-WQ-US,AI-1004LY-WQ-US

Product name Model Region / Standard Functions
Sub-1GHz Wireless
Ethernet Gateway
GW1-ETH-WQ-EU EU / CE ・Wireless I/O main unit
・Ethernet - Sub-1GHz wireless communication conversion
Sub-1GHz Wireless
Isolated Digital I/O Terminal
DIO-0404LY-WQ-EU EU / CE ・Wireless I/O expansion unit
・Photocoupler isolated inputs: 4
・Photocoupler-isolated open-collector outputs: 4
Sub-1GHz Wireless
4-channel Analog Input Terminal
AI-1004LY-WQ-EU EU / CE ・Wireless I/O expansion unit
・10-bit, 4-channel, ±10 V analog input

Main features of the wireless I/O series


  • Supports Sub-1GHz wireless communication, which has an excellent transmission distance
    (-US Model : 902-928MHz, -EU Model : 863-870MHz)
  • Highly reliable Mesh communication, AES-encrypted data communication
  • Supports ambient temperatures from -20°C to +60°C
  • Compact design (62.0(W) x 64.0(D) x 24.0(H)mm, No projection included) that enables installation in a wide variety of locations
  • Can be installed on a DIN rail with the optional DIN rail mounting bracket (Model : BRK-WQ-Y)
  • Windows driver available (free download from CONTEC website)

Sub-1GHz Wireless Ethernet Gateway GW1-ETH-WQ-US, GW1-ETH-WQ-EU

  • Converts Ethernet communication to wireless communication in the Sub-1GHz
  • Enables the construction of a wide range of wireless I/O systems with a Windows PC used as the host

Sub-1GHz Wireless Isolated Digital I/O Terminal DIO-0404LY-WQ-US, GW1-ETH-WQ-EU

  • Equipped with 4 opto-isolated inputs (supporting current sink output) and 4 opto-isolated open-collector outputs (current sink type)
  • Built-in Zener diodes for surge voltage protection in the output circuit
  • Equipped with a digital filter function

Sub-1GHz Wireless 4-channel Analog Input Terminal AI-1004LY-WQ-US, GW1-ETH-WQ-EU

  • 10-bit, analog input, 4-channel
  • Bipolar ±10 V, A/D conversion speed: 10 μs/ch

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