New Product Release - Supports High-Speed Pattern I/O of 50 MHz!
High-Speed Digital I/O Card with Bus Master Transfer Function

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CONTEC Co., Ltd. is pleased to present the PCI Express bus Digital IO card with bus master transfer function. Sales for the new series began October 9, 2018.


Model Description
DIO-32DM3-PE Digital I/O PCI Express card bi-directional 32ch (bus master transfer, non-isolated 3.3VDC-LVTTL)

With this new high-speed digital I/O card (model: DIO-32DM3-PE), input and output of parallel digital signals at a maximum speed of 50 MHz is possible for up to 32 channels. Applications include high-speed parallel signal transmission sampling or use as pattern generator for high-speed output of digital patterns.
Under circumstances that Windows 32bit is moving to 64bit, there had been restriction that only 1MB buffer memory in PC with 64 bit OS could be used for data transfer and this unique DMA transfer function could not be utilized adequately due to the specification of OS.
It retains upward compatibility as a successor to the conventional product (model: DIO-32DM2-PE) and features a maximum sampling rate that has been improved by 2.5x. Through improvements in PCI Express control logic, the bus master transfer rate has been increased by 4.5x, while the memory space that can be used for transfers has been dramatically expanded by 32x for 32 bit OS and by 2,048x for 64 bit OS.
DIO-32DM3-PE contributes to improvement of inspection efficiency of customers against the high-speed transfer needs of the data which have been increasing in inspection and measurement of IC tester and optical equipment.
By applying these same technologies to other products and expanding their use, CONTEC is dedicated to meeting the needs of its customers in the ever more high-speed and high-precision inspection and measurement fields.

Functional Differences Between DIO-32DM3-PE and DIO-32DM2-PE (Current Model)

Specification DIO-32DM3-PE(New) DIO-32DM2-PE(Current)
Sampling / Generating transfer rate(Max.) 50MHz 20MHz
FIFO 4K data/ch 1K data/ch
DMA transfer rate (Max.) 360MByte/s 80MByte/s
32bit OS : DMA memory (Max.) 2GByte/ch 64MByte/ch
64bit OS : DMA memory (Max.) 2GByte/ch 1MByte/ch *1
  • *1
    restriction of Windows OS

Main Features

  • 32channels of unisolated LVTTL level I/O (32 input channels / each 16channels for I/O / 32 output channels are selected.)

    This product has the 32channels (operating voltage 3.3VDC, positive logic) of unisolated LVTTL level I/O whose transfer rate is 50MHz. They can be used for 32bit input, 16bit input plus 16bit output, or for 32bit output.

  • Sampling and generating with transfer rate at 50MHz maximum

    Bus master transfer makes it possible to sample (input) or generate (output) large data with transfer rate at 50MHz maximum. As the sampling and generating features have their own bus mastering blocks each made up of two independent channels, the card can generate 16 signals while sampling 16 signals.

  • A synchronization control connector is provided for synchronized control of multiple cards.

    A synchronization control connector is provided for synchronized control of up to 16 cards. It is also easy to synchronize operation with other CONTEC cards that have a synchronization control connector.

  • You can use Max. 4 input signals as interrupt request signals at the time of using the general-purpose I/O.

    You can use Max. 4 input signals as interrupt request signals and also disable or enable the interrupt in bit units at the time of using the general-purpose I/O

  • Windows compatible driver libraries and GUI software are attached. Driver for NI LabVIEW is also available.

    Using the attached driver library API-PAC(W32) makes it possible to create applications of Windows. Programming-free GUI software, C-LogicDesigner which makes it possible to input digital signal pattern and generate is attached. Besides with the driver libraries it is possible to develop application software for LabVIEW.

  • Functions and connectors are compatible with PCI card, PIO-32DM(PCI) and PCI Express cards, DIO-32DM2-PE and DIO-32DM-PE.

    The same functions as PCI card PIO-32DM(PCI) and PCI Express card DIO-32DM2-PE and DIO-32DM-PE are provided. In addition, as there is compatibility in terms of connector shape and pin assignments, it is easy to migrate from the existing system.

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