New Product Release: A Fanless, Embedded PC Designed to Pursue the Limits of High-speed and Scalability, BOX-COMPUTER, The BX-M1000 Series

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 Contec Co., Ltd. has developed a new fanless, embedded PC designed to pursue the limits of high-speed and scalability. It has started receiving orders for the BOX COMPUTER BX-M1000 Series PC from February 19, 2019.

BOX Computer BX-M1000 series BOX-M1000シリーズ From the left: No slot model, 2x PCI slots model, 1x PCIe/3x PCI slot model

Ordering Information

This series is BTO (Build-to Order) type PC that CPU, storage and OS can be selected when ordering. *1

Base model Expansion slot BX-M1000スロットなし


BX-M1000 2スロット


BX-M1000 4スロット

PCIe(x4)×1 / PCI×3

Core i5-7300U BX-M1010BX-M1010P2 BX-M1010P4
Celeron 3965UBX-M1020BX-M1020P2BX-M1020P4
Storage (selectable) None / 1x 100GB HDD / 2x 100GB HDD / 2x 100GB HDD Mirroring / 1x 256GB SSD / 2x 256GB SSD / 2x 256GB SSD Mirroring
OS (selectable) None / Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC 64bit (Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean)
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    Some configurations are not available. Contact Contec or your local distributor for details.

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