New Product Release - A New Analog Input Device for USB supports high-speed continuous sampling with Eight times Buffer Memory

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Contec Co., Ltd. has developed a USB2.0 compliant terminal unit that make it possible to input analog signals on a PC. It has equipped 8 times bigger buffer memory than the current AI-1608AY-USB unit to support stable high-speed continuous sampling needs. This unit which is a new product in the PC-HELPER series of PC measurement and control, will be released for sale from April 23, 2019.


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Model numberFeatures
AI-1608GY-USB USB 2.0 compliant 250kSPS analog input module
16bit, single-ended input 8ch, bipolar ±10V, sampling speed 4μsec/ch

New product is a USB 2.0 compliant analog input unit. It can be connected to USB port of PC to extend the measurement function required for the measurement control system. Since the unit has equipped 8 times (8K-data) bigger buffer memory either used as FIFO or Ring method, that makes it possible to support stable high-speed continuous sampling applications. Long-time continuous sampling is possible even on PCs with low specification.
This new product supports the same analog input specification as the on sale AIO-160802-USB unit. Because the analog output function is not equipped, the cost of this product has been reduced.

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