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 CONTEC Co., Ltd. Contech has developed a USB port connection type 32-bit high-speed up/down counter unit, a new product of PC measurement control PC-HELPER series and will start sales from May 14, 2019.


Model number Features
CNT-3204IN-USB USB 2.0 compatible isolated counter unit
32bit, 4ch, photocoupler isolation, 5 to 12VDC, response frequency 500kHz

 New product is a USB 2.0 compliant 32-bit 4ch digital signal counter unit which adds the function of counting pulse signals input from external devices through a USB port to a PC. It has equipped the two-phase input, the single-phase input, and the single-phase input with gate control operation modes, and various trigger inputs and control outputs. It can be applied to various applications. The signal inputs and outputs are bus isolated that prevent a malfunction of the PC caused by abnormal voltage or noises from the signal sources. Compact design, (188.0(W)×78.0(D)×30.5(H)mm), features flexibility in installation. It is suitable for installation on tabletop, floor or wall, as well as installation in the panel or in the equipment by the DIN rail mounting mechanism.

  • Two-phase Input (A/B/Z) 32-bit Feedback Counter

    It can be used for carrier position detection applications for incremental encoders and linear scales. The maximum response frequency of 500 kHz (50% duty), high resolution of 32 bits, and supporting for two times and four times multiplication input mode make it possible to be used for applications where high-speed, high-precision feedback control is required.

  • Single-phase Input or Single-phase Input with Gate Control Input Incremental Counter

    It can be used as an integration counter for measurement applications that use pulse output type power meters or flow meters.

  • Sampling Mode

    The count value can be acquired in synchronization with the high-precision programmable timer (internal clock) or an external clock. It can be applied to frequency measurement of input pulses.

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