New Product Release - An Environment-resistant Wireless LAN Access Point The FLEXLAN FX Series, FXE3000-WP, with IP65 Dust and Drip Proof Performance

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 As a new product of wireless LAN equipment FLEXLAN FX series, Contec Co.,Ltd. has developed an environment resistant wireless access point with dust and drip proof performance conforming to IP65, and will be released for sale from June 11, 2019.(Japan Only)


Model number Features
FXE3000-WP IEEE 802.11n / a / b / g compliant environment resistant wireless LAN access point(Japan Only)

This product is an environment-resistant wireless LAN unit compliant with IEEE 802.11n / a / b / g. It can be used as an access point (master station), station (slave station) or repeater (relay station) by switching the operation mode. It can solve environmental problems in case of using Wi-Fi wireless LAN for IoT communication with machine tools and industrial robots. It can also be used in outdoor warehouse.

Supports Installation under Eaves in Case of Factories, Warehouses with Dust and Oil Mist

Dust and drip proof performance of protection class IP65. Sealed structure + included waterproof connector enables installation in outdoor environments in case of factories and warehouses with dust and oil mist.

A dedicated PoE (Power over Ethernet) adapter and an AC adapter are included, and installation is possible with a single LAN cable.

Supports Various Installation Methods

wall/ceilingFixed screws are included

pole/pillarBrackets and fixed screws are included. Banding bands are not included.

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