New Product Release: New Compact Embedded PoE Switching Hub With Support for Various 12 to 57 VDC Power Inputs and Excellent Environmental Resistance

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CONTEC Co., Ltd. has developed a compact embedded switching hub (model: SH-9008AT-POE) that supports a wide range of power supply inputs (12 to 57 VDC). This new product—part of the “FLEXLAN™” brand of network peripherals—became available for purchase on July 21.

SH-9008AT-POE Mounting image of SH-9008AT-POE

Model Description
SH-9008AT-POE Industrial 8-Port Gigabit Switching Hub with PoE Support

This eight-port industrial switching hub conforms to IEEE 802.3ab (1000BASE-T), IEEE 802.3u (100BASE-TX), and IEEE 802.3 (10BASE-T) standards, enabling PoE power based on IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at. It is designed to operate in temperatures ranging from −35 to +70°C, offering usability in extreme temperature environments where general-purpose switching hubs cannot typically be used.

Network cameras are becoming standard on production lines in automobile and electronic parts factories as well as in food and drug factories, distribution and warehousing facilities, building management and security settings, stations, and commercial facilities. While power can be supplied to these cameras via PoE hubs, the problem is being able to supply power to those PoE hubs. In many cases, the control panels at these locations use a DC power supply, making it necessary to support a wide range of DC power supplies.

This new industrial PoE switching hub solves this problem through compatibility with a wide range of DC power inputs (12 to 57 VDC) and excellent environmental resistance.

Main features

  • IEEE 802.3af / IEEE 802.3at-based PoE power

    Power can be supplied from all eight ports to PoE devices that support the IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at standards. The SH-9008AT-POE can supply up to 30W per port and up to 120W* over all ports.

    • *
      With a 12 VDC input power supply voltage, the total PoE power available will be 60 W. With a 24/48 VDC input, the total PoE power available will be 120 W.
  • Equipped with eight 1000BASE-T-compatible PoE power supply ports

    The switching hub is equipped with eight ports that comply with the IEEE 802.3ab (1000BASE-T), IEEE 802.3u (100BASE-TX), and IEEE 802.3 (10BASE-T) standards. All 8 ports support PoE power supply functionality.

  • Usable in ambient temperatures of −35 to 70°C

    The product’s metal housing with excellent heat dissipation allows for use in various environments with ambient operating temperatures of −35 to 70°C. The fanless design also makes it possible to use the SH-9008AT-POE in locations requiring quiet operation and long service life.

  • Support for a wide range of power supplies (12 to 57 VDC) and dual power supplies

    This product supports DC power supplies from 12 to 57 VDC. Support for dual power supplies also means the hub can still be operated even if there is a problem with one of the power supplies. If a problem occurs in a power supply, LEDs on the front panel and abnormality detection relay circuits make it easy to identify the problem quickly.

  • Mountable on DIN rails or walls

    The mounting bracket included with the SH-9008AT-POE can be used for easy mounting on a 35 mm DIN rail or wall surfaces.

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