New Product Release: Industrial computers that can take up to 11 expansion cards and support not only Windows 10 but also Windows 7: Three models released in the Solution-ePC series lineup

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Contec has developed industrial computers that support 6th generation (Skylake) and 7th generation (Kaby Lake) Intel® Core™ series processors and can take up to 11 expansion cards. It has started receiving orders for the new products in the Solution-ePC series—SPF6SQ1700, SPF14SQ1700, and SPF10SQ1700—from August 4, 2020.

Solution-ePC SPF6SQ1700 SPF6SQ1700

Solution-ePC SPF14SQ1700 SPF14SQ1700

Solution-ePC SPF10SQ1700 SPF10SQ1700

Model Chassis Expansion slots CPU〔Selection〕 Storage〔Selection〕 OS〔Selection〕
SPF14SQ1700 Rack-mount PCI×9
PCI Express (x16)×1
PCI Express (x8)×1*
Core i7-7700
Core i5-7500
Core i3-7101E
Celeron G3930E
Core i7-6700
Core i5-6500
Core i3-6100
Celeron G3900
2TB 3.5-inch HDD/
2TB 3.5-inch (Removable)/
256GB 2.5-inch SSD (MLC)/
256GB 2.5-inch SSD (MLC, Removable)/
Win 10 IoT/
Win 7 Pro/
SPF6SQ1700 Wall mount PCI×4
PCI Express (x8)×1*
(shipping in October)
PCI Express (x16)×1*
  • Signal is x4.
  • Win 10 IoT : Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC 64bit (English/Chinese/Japanese/Korean)
  • Win 7 Pro : Windows 7 Professional for Embedded Systems SP1 32bit (English/Japanese)
  • WES 7 : Windows 7 Embedded Systems 32bit (Japanese)

These new products are built-to-order industrial computers where customers can select components, such as CPU, RAM, storage, and optical drive, according to their needs, as well as either a compact wall-mount or a 19-inch rack-mount as the chassis.

These industrial computers supports 6th generation (Skylake) and 7th generation (Kaby Lake) Intel Core series processors and are equipped with a selection of interfaces, including two Gigabit LAN ports and up to seven USB ports.

Up to 11 I/O cards such as measurement control and communication cards from Contec can be mounted and the system is recommended for systems with a large number of expansion cards. If 6th generation (Skylake) CPU is selected, Windows 7 will be selectable as the OS that will be the best solution to replace from the existing Windows 7 OS system.

Main Features

  • 6th generation (Skylake) and 7th generation (Kaby Lake) Intel® Core™ series CPUs

    Available with a power-saving, high-performance 6th- or 7th-generation Core processor for advanced computation and drawing performance while minimizing power consumption.

  • CPU and chipset designed for embedded devices

    The use of embedded CPUs and chipsets makes it possible to ensure a stable long-term supply.

  • Up to 11 PCI and PCI Express expansion cards can be installed

    Take advantage of nine PCI bus expansion slots along with a PCI Express (x16) and a PCI Express (x8) (x4 signal) bus expansion slot. * SPF14SQ1700 model only

  • Rich variety of interfaces for convenient peripheral expansion

    Equipped with expandable interfaces including DVI-I, 1000BASE-T × 2, USB 3.1 Gen1 (USB 3.0) × 5 (Max.), serial (RS-232C) × 2 (Max.), and serial (RS-232C/RS-422A/RS-485) × 2 (Max.).

  • Provides high reliability and system performance by using a reliable, Japanese-made power supply (made by Nipron)

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