New Product Release: Easy Addition of Expansion Slots to a Desktop Computer
New PCI Express Expansion Chassis (8 Models) and Expansion Adapter

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CONTEC has developed a PC expansion box (8 models) and a dedicated expansion adapter (1 model), which as of January 13, 2021 have gone on sale as the PCI Express DE Series, a new series of computer measurement control I/O expansion chassis.

DE Series









Model Description
EAD-DE-LPE Low Profile Expansion Adapter for PCI Express Slot (PC side)
ECH-PCI-DE-H2B PCI Bus Expansion Chassis for 2x Short size, AC Adapter
ECH-PCI-DE-F2B PCI Bus Expansion Chassis for 2x Long size, AC Adapter
ECH-PCI-DE-H4B PCI Bus Expansion Chassis for 4x Short size, AC Adapter
ECH-PCI-DE-F4B PCI Bus Expansion Chassis for 4x Long size, AC Adapter
ECH-PCI-DE-H13A PCI Bus Expansion Chassis for 13x Short size, Built-in Power supply
ECH-PCI-DE-H4D PCI Bus Expansion Chassis for 4x Short size, Support 10.8 to 31.2 VDC Power supply*2
ECH-PE-DE-H2B PCI Express Bus Expansion Chassis for 2x Short size(x1), AC Adapter
PCI Bus Expansion Chassis for 2x Short size, Support 10.8 to 31.2 VDC Power supply*2
  • *1
    Scheduled to be released in March, 2021.
  • *2
    To operate this product, power supply (12 to 24VDC) is required separately.

The new product consists of an expansion chassis (ECH-PCI-DE, ECH-PE-DE) to add PCI bus or PCI Express (x1) bus slots to a computer, as well as an expansion adapter (EAD-DE-LPE) for low profile size PCI Express buses that can be inserted into the PCI Express bus slot of a computer. It is possible to select the expansion chassis according to the bus type, card size, and number of cards to be mounted.

In recent years, with the overall miniaturization of computers, the number of expansion slots has decreased, making it difficult to use them for measurement and control in industrial applications that require various inputs and outputs. The new product, by adding an expansion chassis to a miniaturized PC with a low profile size expansion slot, makes it possible to use CONTEC’s various standard-size measurement and control devices, as well as communication expansion cards. Additionally, by incorporating the new product into an existing system, not only is it possible to easily add new functions, but it will also now be possible to carry over card assets when updating the computer by moving the card used in the existing system to the expansion chassis.*

  • *
    This may not function depending on the card specifications.

Main Features

  • Adds PCI bus or PCI Express (x1) bus slots to a computer

    PCI bus (5 V/32 bit 33 MHz) or PCI Express (x1) bus slots can be added. The expansion chassis and the expansion adapter (EAD-DE-LPE) mounted on the computer are connected with a 1-meter cable included with the product.

  • Supports short-size PCI bus cards or PCI Express bus cards

    Short-size [176.5 (L) × 107 (H) mm] PCI bus cards can be mounted (ECH-PCI-DE-H2B, ECH-PCI-DE-H4B, ECH-PCI-DE-H4D, ECH-PCI-DE-H13A, ECH-PCI-DE-H2C). It is also possible to mount short-size [176.5 (L) × 111.15 (H) mm] PCI Express bus cards (ECH-PE-DE-H2B).

  • Supports long-size PCI bus cards

    Long-size [313.8 (L) × 107 (H) mm] PCI bus cards can be mounted (ECH-PCI-DE-F2B, ECH-PCI-DE-F4B).

  • Power can be turned on/off in conjunction with the connected computer*

    The power of the expansion chassis can be automatically switched on/off in conjunction with the power on/off of the connected computer.

    • *
      The ECH-PCI-DE-H4D does not have this power supply connectivity function.
  • Compact cabinet design with built-in cooling fan

    As the cabinet contains a built-in cooling fan, achieving a compact design, you can build a system even in a limited space next to your PC. The product is also bundled with an easy-to-carry AC adapter (ECH-PCI-DE-H2B, ECH-PCI-DE-H4B, ECH-PCI-DE-F2B, ECH-PCI-DE-F4B).

  • A cabinet type that allows for various installation methods

    Various types are available, from the space-saving type that is convenient to carry, to the DIN rail mounting type that can be installed in the panel or equipment, and the rack mount installation type (using the included bracket). The most suitable cabinet type can be selected for your installation method.

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