New Product Release: The 18.5-inch Touch Panel Computer PT-V18WB Series with Anti-rust Stainless Steel Casing and Safe, Secure, Dust-proof and Drip-proof Design

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Contec has developed a touch panel computer with stainless steel casing, which uses an 18.5-inch projected capacitive touch panel. It has started receiving orders for the PT-V18WB series of panel computers from March 9, 2021.

PT-V18WB Series


Interface side
Interface side with drip-proof cover

Model Wireless LAN / Bluetooth LCD size / Touch panel CPU / Memory / Storage OS
PT-V18WB-210D-J104M05 - 18.5-inch Full HD (1920×1080) / PCAP type Atom x5-E3940 1.6GHz Quad-core / 8GB ECC / M.2 64GB SSD MLC*1 -
PT-V18WB-210D-J104M05W19 W10IoTE *2
PT-V18WB-210DR-J104M05 IEEE802.11ac/a/b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.2
PT-V18WB-210DR-J104M05W19 W10IoTE *2
  • *1
    It is already built into the product. The capacity that can be recognized from OS might be displayed fewer than an actual value.
  • *2
    W10IoTE : Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC 64-bit (English/Chinese/Japanese/Korean)

The new product is a fanless touch panel computer equipped with an Intel Atom E3940 quad-core CPU along with an 18.5-inch projected capacitive touch panel.

By using stainless steel (SUS430) for the entirety of the casing, the product has greater durability and resistance to rust, making it ideal for implementation in systems and devices used in sanitation-conscious environments such as food processing facilities. Additionally, the entire casing is IPX2 drip-proof, and the front part is IP65-compliant (dust- and drip-proof). This makes it suitable for installation in places where water is handled, such as in the food, fishery, pharmaceutical, and sheet metal processing industries, as well as making it easy to clean.

The product is equipped with a variety of expansion interfaces such as 1000BASE-T, USB 3.2 Gen 1 (USB 3.0), a DisplayPort, analog RGB, and a serial port. We also provide a wireless model (PT-V18WB-210DR) that can be connected to a variety of devices via Bluetooth or wireless LAN.

Main Features

  • IPX2 drip-proof structure for the entire casing and IP65 dust- and drip-proof structure for the front section

    The structure of the entire casing meets the standards of IPX2 (for withstanding water droplets) while the front part structure meets the IP65 standards (for withstanding dust and running water).

  • Uses a stainless steel casing that resists rust

    The product has a casing of stainless steel (SUS430) that is resistant to rust, and a drip-proof cover that protects the interface from water droplets is attached. Not just horizontal installation—if you install it with a vertical orientation, it is optimal for clearly displaying written instructions in vertically-aligned A4 format on the full screen.

  • Uses a projected capacitive (PCAP) touch panel that can be used even while wearing gloves

    The touch panel is designed to prevent incorrect detections during water droplet adhesion, and operation is possible even when wearing rubber gloves: these features allow it to be used in areas experiencing water damage. The surface also has anti-glare film attached, reducing the amount of glare from lighting and the like.

  • Power Failure Protection system for reliable operation with no OS shutdown required

    The Power Failure Protection function protects data and prohibits writing to storage in the event of a power failure. When used together with the Windows IoT Enterprise lockdown (disk write suppression) feature, power can be safely turned off even without performing a shutdown process. This also helps prevent corruption of the file system and data due to sudden power loss.

  • Convenient utilities based on Contec’s originally designed BIOS

    The product is equipped with utilities*3 based on Contec’s original and convenient BIOS. With Contec Fast Boot, it is now possible to start up Windows in just 10 seconds.*4 With the Disk Copy function, it is possible to perform disk backup on the BIOS level safely, and it supports backup as either the same file type or a compressed file type. It also comes with a BIOS Update Tool*5 for updating BIOS.

  • VESA standard support

    It meets the (100 × 100) VESA standard, allowing it to be installed on various types of arms and stands.

  • *3
    For details, please see “BIOS Setup” in the Reference Manual.
  • *4
    The actual measured value with Windows 10 and HORM functioning (factory default). Depending on the configuration, this time may change. When high-speed startup is enabled, TXE, TPM, Network Stack, and SMART Self Test are not supported.
  • *5
    For details, please contact Contec’s technical support center.

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