New Product Release: CPI Series HAT Size Card with Raspberry Pi® Support for Ease of Use in FA and Measurement Control Applications

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Contec has developed new HAT size cards (7 models) for utilizing Raspberry Pi® computers in factory automation and measurement control applications. These cards will be introduced as the CPI Series on April 26, 2021.


Product Lineup

Model Function Specifications
CPI-RAS Support for a wide range of power supply inputs (8 to 28 VDC), 5 VDC internal power supply
5 VDC external power supply output (with ON/OFF control), RTC (real-time clock)
WDT (watchdog timer), Hardware monitor (CPU temperature / power supply voltage)
LED lighting control (green/red), General digital I/O
CPI-DIO-0808L Isolated digital inputs 8ch and isolated digital outputs 8ch
CPI-DIO-0808RL Isolated digital inputs 8ch (negative-common) and isolated digital outputs 8ch (negative-common)
CPI-DI-16L Isolated digital inputs 16ch
CPI-DO-16L Isolated digital outputs 16ch
CPI-DO-16RL Isolated digital outputs 16ch (negative-common)
CPI-RRY-16 Semiconductor relay outputs 16ch

Main Features

  • Push-type terminal block for easy wiring

    The CPI Series includes a push-type terminal block for convenient, simple connection and disconnection of wired HATs without the need for tools or crimping terminals.

  • Stacked connection of up to 8 cards

    Contec has expanded HAT specifications to include address ID configurability, making it possible to connect up to eight stacked cards.

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      Connection to HATs from other manufacturers is also possible.
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      Use a Contec RAS function expansion card for stable power supply with stacked connections.
  • Free downloadable Python-compatible API and sample programs

    Linux driver (API-TOOL for Linux) can be downloaded for free from the company’s website along with sample Python and GCC programs, allowing users to begin programming right away.

  • API compatible with PC expansion cards

    Take advantage of API compatibility with Contec PCI Express, PCI, USB, and Ethernet-type measurement control devices. Development assets can be reused across multiple platforms.

  • RAS function expansion card for even greater Raspberry Pi functionality

    The included 8 to 28 VDC power supply function makes it possible to use Raspberry Pi in a wide range of power supply environments. Enjoy the availability and maintainability of industrial computers with the proven performance of Raspberry Pi computers.

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