Release of C-LogicDesigner Ver.2.0 Pattern Generator and Logic Analyzer Software for Windows

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Contec has started a free download service for Ver. 2.0 of its C-LogicDesigner application software, featuring a large functional update.

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C-LogicDesigner Pattern generator / Logic analyzer Ver.2.0 for Windows

C-LogicDesigner is GUI base software that uses a Contec high-speed bidirectional digital I/O device (32DM series
Another window will open) to generate digital signals and provide logic analyzer functions based on sampling.

The previous version of this software provided generating functions for digital signal patterns. The new Ver. 2.0 also provides logic analyzer functions that display signals acquired by high-speed sampling.
The generating functions also feature large improvements, including automatic generation of basic data patterns, a wide range of trigger functions, and improved functions for data editing in the graphs.

Main Features of Ver.2.0

  • High-speed logic analyzer functions with sampling at up to 50 MHz and pulse generator functions

    Signals acquired by the sampling functions of the high-speed bidirectional digital I/O device (32DM series
Another window will open) are displayed graphically as a logic analyzer. Using the high-speed digital signal output function of the 32DM series, the created logic pattern can be output as a pulse generator.

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      50MHz sampling speed is the maximum value when using DIO-32DM3-PE
Another window will open.
  • Functions for quickly searching large volumes of sampling data for specific logic patterns, and a convenient bookmark function

    Even when working with large volumes of data, you can quickly find the data you are looking for with graph zoom, jump, bookmark, data pattern search, and other functions.

  • Logic pattern creation functions (such as copy, paste, swap, and automatic generation) based on an intuitive and easy-to-understand GUI

    Generated data can be edited directly in the graph window. C-LogicDesigner is equipped with a full set of editing functions including direct input of [0, 1] values, copy & paste, data inversion, pulse width change, and data replacement for individual channels. Basic data patterns can be generated automatically.

  • Extensive graph observation functions (such as cursor, bus creation, zoom, pulse count, and frequency calculation)

    Vertical line A, B cursor, grouping multiple signals to display as a bus, and graph zoom are available, for convenient graph observation. C-LogicDesigner is also equipped with convenient calculation functions for checking data, including a pulse counter and frequency computer.

  • A rich set of trigger functions (software, external trigger, data count, pattern match)

    For the start and stop conditions of generating and sampling, select from multiple conditions including software start and stop buttons, external trigger, completing transmission of the specified quantity (stop condition), and pattern match.

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