New Product Release: New PT-V10W Series VESA-mount Thin Touchscreen PC Models with Fingerprint-resistant, Oil-repelling Coating that Provides Excellent Finger Slidability

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Contec is pleased to announce the addition of new models featuring a fingerprint-resistant, oil-repelling coating that provides excellent finger slidability to its PT-V10W series VESA-mount thin touchscreen PCs. The company will begin receiving orders for the PT-V10WB-210 and PT-V10WB-210R series in April 2022.

PT-V10WB-210 PT-V10WB-210

PT-V10WB-210R PT-V10WB-210R w/ Wireless LAN & Bluetooth

Model LCD size / Touch panel Wireless LAN・
CPU / Memory / Storage OS
PT-V10WB-210-J104M05 10.1” WXGA (1280×800) / PCAP / Fingerprint-resistant None Atom x5-E3940 1.6GHz / 8GB ECC / M.2 64GB SSD MLC *1 None
PT-V10WB-210-J104M05W19 W10IoTE *2
PT-V10WB-210R-J104M05 Built-in None
PT-V10WB-210R-J104M05W19 W10IoTE *2
  • *1
    It is already built into the product. The capacity that can be recognized from OS might be displayed fewer than an actual value.
  • *2
    W10IoTE : Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC 64-bit (English/Chinese/Japanese/Korean)

These new products feature Intel Atom E3940 quad-core CPUs to achieve fanless and spindleless VESA-mount computers with touchscreen displays for industrial applications.

Alongside the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, use of the same projected capacitive touch panel technology has seen an increase in the industrial and office equipment fields as well. However, in workplaces such as food production and processing where operators need to wear rubber gloves, the friction of the rubber makes fingers sticking to screens a major issue.

These new products—new additions to the PT-V10WB-200 series (currently on sale)—include a fingerprint-resistant, oil-repelling coating on the display. This coating provides excellent sliding performance that resists skin oil when operated with bare hands, and smooth operation with minimal finger sticking in situations where operators must wear rubber gloves. The finger sliding performance is on the same level as the windows of luxury automobiles*3. The coating also resists dirt and fingerprints, so the display maintains its visibility and cleanness.

The PT-V10WB series now includes a total of eight models, further expanding the lineup of VESA-mount types. A wide range of variations is available, with LCD sizes of 10.1 to 18.5 inches.

  • *3
    Measurements by Contec. Values also vary depending on the glass storage conditions. These products are not waterproof.

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