Introducing the DAQ-DNC-FE, a .NET Component Collection for DAQfast Measurement System Development—Provided Free-of-charge for Creating Measurement System Low-code Development Environments in Visual Studio

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Contec has developed the DAQ-DNC-FE, a .NET component collection for DAQfast measurement system development. Free downloads of this collection began April 18, 2022.

Screen example DAQ-DNC-FE

Model Description
DAQ-DNC-FE .NET component collection for DAQfast measurement system development (free version)

This new product is a GUI-based measurement system development support tool compatible with the Visual Studio low-code integrated development environment. It contains a collection of components that are very useful for developing applications using Contec’s wealth of measurement control devices in the PC-HELPER series (PCIe/PCI, USB, Ethernet) and the industrial IoT CONPROSYS™ nano series.

Normally, Contec measurement control devices are programmed for device control using API driver software, but the need to search APIs and create code places a burden on software developers.

This new product is a tool that makes it easier to configure and control devices as well as collect and link data. It is equipped with various elements such as labels, buttons, text boxes, and graph display components that allow for easy application development in just three steps. It contains many GUI components and is the ideal low-code development environment to set up high-quality, high-productivity device control in significantly shorter development times. This configuration reduces engineer workloads and contributes to significant reduction of development hours. In order to expand functionality, the design also allows for unfettered programming using C# or VB in Visual Studio for flexible system building.

Main Features

  • Quick app development in three easy steps

    Step 1: Select components
    Step 2: Associate components in the property settings panel (no code)
    Step 3: Begin (run build)

  • Sophisticated components for inspection measurement and data recording apps

    Device component (DncDaq) enables GUI-based configuration of troublesome device parameters
    X-Y graph component (DncGraph) with zoom and AB cursor functionality
    File saving component (DncWriteFile) for convenient data logging
    Other convenient components include indicators, labels, buttons, and text boxes

  • Native support for IDE Visual Studio, the standard Windows app development environment

    Highly compatible components for operating in the .NET Framework
    Highly versatile for linking with other Visual Studio supported components and APIs
    Quickly adapt to the latest technologies, such as new OS versions

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