New Product Release: Embedded Box Computer BX-M310-G / T310-G Series Equipped with Intel® Atom Elkhart Lake Platform

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Contec has added a fanless embedded computer designed to be compact, low power consumption, and highly efficient to its highly expanded M Series and extra thin T Series. These new products are released on November 16, 2023.

BX-M310-G / T310-G Series



Model Description
BX-M310-G2200 Box computer with Intel Atom x6413E, 8GB DDR4 SDRAM, with Wall mount kit

This new product is a fanless embedded computer featuring a low-power, quad-core Intel Atom® x6413E CPU. The processor, supported by Intel® UHD graphics, has made significant advances in graphics capabilities. It supports DP (DisplayPort) interfaces and can drive up to 4K resolution at 60fps progressive scan. Despite the compact and space-saving design of the BX-M310/T310, which is only the size of an A5 paper, it is equipped with a rich set of I/O interfaces and an M.2 expansion slot design. The support for M.2 expansion cards also allows users to add various functions. It provides the best solution to meet the demands of the edge computing market.

Main Features

  • Embedded Intel Atom® x6413E processor adopted.

    This product features an energy-efficient, low-power CPU with four cores for high-speed computing. Graphics performance is enhanced by the integrated next-generation Intel® UHD. In terms of memory, it offers IBECC functionality, which is capable of repairing individual memory errors in standard non-ECC memory.

  • Enhanced security, equipped with TPM 2.0

    Hardware-based security measures help mitigate firmware, code and data attacks, while a dedicated cryptographic chip accelerates data encryption without impacting overall system performance.

  • Supports mainstream interfaces and enhances I/O performance.

    The system is equipped with advanced peripheral interfaces, such as USB3.1/USB2.0, DisplayPort, VGA port, serial ports, and M.2 key B/E for fast data transfer and easy connectivity to external devices.

  • Fanless and compact box-type design.

    This product is fanless. This eliminates consumables, simplifies maintenance, and eliminates concerns about dust or foreign objects entering the product. As a result, maintenance tasks are significantly reduced. In addition, the compact and space-saving system design makes product setup more convenient and flexible.

  • Dual 2.5Gb LAN ports.

    Two built-in Gigabit Ethernet ports for increased bandwidth The product's built-in M.2 docking station supports Wi-Fi module matching, making it easy to build high-speed and diverse network connections.

  • Wide range DC input and power management.

    12-24 VDC (± 10%) ; ATX /AT Mode by jumper setting, and supported Power On by Ring / Wake on LAN.

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