New Product Release: Unleash the power and precision of choice. Introducing the GMB-IH61000 Mini-ITX industrial motherboard.

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Contec proudly presents the GMB-IH61000, a mini-ITX form factor industrial Motherboard designed to elevate your computing experience. Built on Intel® 12th / 13th Gen Core™ Processors CPU in LGA1700 socket technology, this energy-efficient marvel redefines stability and performance in the industrial landscape. We have started accepting orders from February 6, 2024.


Top View of GMB-IH61000 Motherboard
Top View

Rear I/O of GMB-IH61000 Motherboard
Rear I/O

Model Description
GMB-IH61000 Mini-ITX MB 12th / 13th Gen IntelCore Processor, IntelH610/H610E Chipset

Main Features

  • Powerful Processing

    Harness the potential of the 12th/13th generation Intel® Core, Celeron®, and Pentium® processors, ensuring high performance and stability. The embedded-type CPU guarantees a reliable and steady supply for uninterrupted operations.

  • High-Resolution Multi-Display

    Elevate your visual experience with dual DisplayPort support for 4K independent displays and an LVDS connector with a resolution of up to 1920x1080. The enhanced Intel® graphics engine, featuring IntelUHD Graphics 770/730/710 support, delivers superior graphics performance.

  • Triple Gigabit Ethernet

    Stay connected with confidence using the three RJ45 connectors on the rear I/O, powered by 1 x Intel®i219LM + 2 x Intel® i225 PCIe chips, ensuring robust and high-speed network capabilities.

  • Versatile Peripheral Connectivity

    Enjoy flexibility with a rich interface, including serial ports, USB 3.2/2.0, 8-bit GPIO, audio jack, Line-out, and M.2 Key E/Key M. Tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers, this Motherboard provides a comprehensive range of connectivity options.

  • Built-In TPM2.0 Security

    Security takes center stage with the build-in TPM2.0 (Trusted Platform Module), offering tools for securely generating keys and features such as remote authentication and sealed storage. Your data and operations are safeguarded at every level.

  • Areas of Application

    The GMB-IH61000 mini-ITX Motherboard is tailored for critical applications in construction building, semiconductor equipment control, and logistics warehouses. With a focus on stability, performance, and security, it ensures reliable computing in diverse industrial settings. Elevate your operations with the power-packed GMB-IH61000, where precision meets excellence.

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