Raspberry Pi HAT size cards the CPI series now supports ASUS Tinker Board

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Raspberry Pi HAT size cards in the CPI series are now compatible with ASUS's small industrial single board computers (SBC), Tinker Board 2/2S.

Compatible Tinker Board Models [Supported OS]

  • Tinker Board 2 [ Debian 10 v2.1.16 (kernel 4.19.232) / Debian 11 v3.0.11 (kernel 5.10.160) ]
  • Tinker Board 2S [ Debian 10 v2.1.16 (kernel 4.19.232) / Debian 11 v3.0.11 (kernel 5.10.160) ]

Compatible Products [Compatible Device Drivers]

Products: CPI Series Device Drivers Notes
RAS function expansion card
RAS library / RTC driver ver 1.05 or later RTC function is not supported
Digital I/O card
API-DIO(LNX) ver. 8.80 or later -
Analog I/O card
API-AIO(LNX) ver. 6.00 or later -
Counter coard
API-CNT(LNX) ver. 4.60 or later -

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