New Product Release: Isolated CAN FD and CAN 2.0B Communication Cards with PCI Express Support

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Contec Co., Ltd. has developed the PCI Express-compatible CAN-4PF-PE and CAN-4P-PE four-channel isolated CAN FD and CAN2.0B communication cards. These new products became available for purchase on June 27, 2024.



Model Product name
CAN-4PF-PE PCI Express-Compatible Four-Channel Isolated CAN FD Communication Card
CAN-4P-PE PCI Express-Compatible Four-Channel Isolated CAN2.0B Communication Card

These two new PCI Express bus-compatible cards provide CAN communication functionality to PCs.
The CAN-4P-PE complies with CAN2.0B communication standards and supports communication speeds of up to 1 Mbps. Meanwhile, the CAN-4PF-PE supports communication in both CAN2.0B and the extended CAN FD format with support for data communication speeds of up to 5 Mbps.
Designed for use in parts inspections in automotive factories, these four-channel CAN communication cards can handle multiple parts inspections at once, with each channel independently isolated from the other channels.

Main Features

  • Isolated CAN communication channels and bus isolation with the PC

    Each CAN communication channel and the PC line are all electrically isolated. This prevents electrical noise between the PC and external circuits as well as inter-channel interference.

  • Individual transmit and receive buffers

    In addition to channel-specific FIFO buffers for transmission and reception, shared transmit and receive buffers are also provided for all channels. This helps prevent message transmission and reception leakage even with an increased CAN communication load.

  • Channel conversion cable included

    Each product includes a conversion cable that converts CAN communication into a standard D-SUB 9-pin connector, allowing for easy connection to existing CAN buses and CAN devices.

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