Remote Configuration Function Added to the DS-220 Digital Signage Player -Better Maintainability and 24/7 Operations Support-

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CONTEC Co., Ltd. (listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Securities Code: 6639; Headquarters: Nishi-yodogawa-ku, Osaka, Japan; President: Katsutoshi Fujiki-hereinafter "CONTEC") and MIRACLE LINUX Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Tatsuo Ito-hereinafter "MIRACLE LINUX") have enhanced the functionality of the DS-220 Digital Signage Player (hereinafter "DS-220"*1) and will start taking orders from February 13, 2017.

DS-220 Digital Signage Player

The DS-220 consists of a highly shock-, vibration-, and noise-resistant industrial-class "BX-220 Box Computer" developed by CONTEC and equipped with MIRACLE LINUX’s Embedded MIRACLE Digital Signage Edition software. It is a robust digital signage player that has excellent environmental durability.

A new "remote configuration function" enables to modify some of the settings of the DS-220 via the network from EMPopMaker, the dedicated content management software that comes with the player. Cables of digital signage are often installed in places where it is difficult to connect and disconnect them, such as above the ceiling or behind walls. Until now, it was very difficult to change the settings at the installation site. With the "remote configuration function" developed based on requests from our customers, it is now possible to remotely change the settings of functions such as screen resolution and rotation, NTP synchronization and system time, log retention period and retrieval, player restart, as well as periodic restart. In the event of trouble or during scheduled maintenance, it is now possible to remotely perform operations such as restart, thus considerably reducing downtime.

With the enhanced DS-220, CONTEC and MIRACLE LINUX now support 24/7 operations of digital signage players.

Overview of the DS-220 Digital Signage Player

This digital signage product jointly developed and sold by CONTEC and MIRACLE LINUX is a signage player that focusses on high availability and does not require an Internet connection or a dedicated server. It can be installed in a wide variety of environments such as outdoor vending machines, transportation facilities that need to withstand vibrations, elevators, public institutions requiring high reliability, hospitals, parking lots or construction sites (harsh semi-outdoor installation environments), as well as building sites. More than 2,000 units have been shipped since the DS-220 was launched in 2011. With a failure rate of only 0.05% (evaluated by MIRACLE LINUX), it also has a solid reputation for being highly reliable.
The BX-220 Box Computer used by the DS-220 achieves satisfactory results by keeping ambient temperatures of 0 to 50°C in operation performance tests performed in a windless environment. It has also passed the industrial product environmental tests specified by JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards), IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), and EN (Euronorm).

Main functionality enhancements

The new "remote configuration function" enables to modify some of the settings of the DS-220 via the network from the PC version of EMPopMaker.

  • Screen resolution and rotation settings
  • NTP synchronization and system time settings
  • Log retention period and retrieval settings
  • Player restart
  • Periodic restart settings

Basic functions

  • Excellent environmental durability and resistance to failure

    The DS-220 can operate in harsh temperatures of 0 to 50°C. Its fanless and slitless design offers excellent dust resistance and helps reduce maintenance operations. It comes equipped with fittings to prevent the unintended disconnection of cables as well as fixing clamps in order to avoid problems caused by disconnected wires. An automatic hardware recovery function is also available to help troubleshoot the unit in the event of a failure.

  • Simple operations

    Content created on a Windows PC can be delivered via USB or over the network. In addition, Web pages can be used as content, thus reducing operating costs.

  • Easy-to-use content management software

    The software supports various still image and movie formats as well as the display of multiple languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean) used together. Using EMPopMaker, the dedicated content management software that comes with the player, creating content as well as setting timetables and program schedules are simple operations that can easily be performed.

Availability date

February 13, 2017

Product lineup

Name of the product sold by MIRACLE LINUX
Name of the product sold by CONTEC
DS-220 Digital Signage Player
  • *
    This product can be customized according to customer’s needs. This product will be offered through the sales channels of both companies.
  • *
    Customers using the existing DS-220 and under an active support contract can obtain the version of the software that includes the new function.

Product description pages

  • *1
    CONTEC Co., Ltd. sells the product under the name "DS-220 Digital Signage Player." MIRACLE LINUX Co., Ltd. sells the same product under the name "MIRACLE VISUAL STATION DS220."

Easy-to-use, reliable, and robust "MIRACLE VISUAL STATION" signage

MIRACLE VISUAL STATION is a digital signage product offered by MIRACLE LINUX since 2010. Using the user-friendly content management software that comes with the player, content can easily be created with a few simple operations such as clicking, and dragging and dropping. The durable hardware, which passed the industrial product environmental tests, has a robust fanless and slitless design that offers excellent dust resistance and permits 24/7 operations. Operation management is simplified because there is no need to turn the device on and off. The hardware and software are covered with a guarantee of up to five years (for a fee). Because the MIRACLE VISUAL STATION has excellent environmental durability, it has already been successfully introduced in a wide range of sites requiring high reliability as well as in harsh environments (semi-outdoor, dusty, low-temperature, high-temperature, vibration-prone, etc.).

CONTEC Co., Ltd.

Founded in April 1975 as a comprehensive manufacturer of industrial devices, CONTEC provides a wide range of services related to controllers, peripheral devices, and network devices: development, manufacturing, sales, and support. From the start of the computer era, CONTEC has focused on applying PC technology to industrial fields and has continually developed cutting-edge products such as industrial-use computers, measurement control interface boards, and network devices. CONTEC has made contributions as a global pioneering company in this field. CONTEC continues to use the core technology it has developed in order to advance into new fields such as the environment, energy, medical care, rail transport, transportation facilities, digital signage, and IoT solutions. CONTEC’s original technology and products continue to improve the quality of daily life for everyone on this planet.


MIRACLE LINUX offers Japanese-quality technology and support with the enterprise versions of the Linux OS it provides for use in all fields: on-premise, in the clouds, and in embedded systems. In addition to being used in a wide range of business areas such as in telecommunications, public, and financial industries, the Linux kernel technology is used in various fields. The embedded Linux OS is also widely used in devices with specific purposes, such as car navigation systems, vending machines, medical terminals, and video distribution equipment, as well as in digital signage players. Moreover, in addition to developing open-source-based integrated monitoring tools and backup software for enterprises, MIRACLE LINUX also actively seeks to promote open source initiatives such as developing integrated operating software and making it available to the community as open source software.

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