New Product Release: Scalable EPC-3000 Series Embedded Computer with 6th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor (Skylake)

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Contec Co., Ltd. (listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Securities Code: 6639 - hereinafter "Contec") has developed a new embedded PC for edge computing that is both highly scalable and equipped with 6th generation Intel® Core™ processor. It has started receiving orders for the EPC-3000 Series from July 31, 2018.

EPC-3000 Series EPC-3000 series From the left: EPC-3010 (base model),EPC-3010P2 (2 slots),EPC-3010P4 (4 slots)

  New EPC-3000 Series embedded computers feature 6th generation Intel® Core™ processor (development code name: Skylake), making them ideal for applications that require both real-time, high-speed processing and advanced graphics processing. EPC-3000 Series can be used as embedded controllers for ever more advanced and compact semiconductor manufacturing equipment, as well as edge computers tasked with data collection or analytical processing in industrial IoT systems. Equipped with various expansion interfaces that include three Gigabit LAN ports, four RS-232C ports, and six USB 3.0 ports, EPC-3000 Series can be connected with field bus networks, FA controllers, and industrial communication devices, while PCI Express and PCI boards can be used with models equipped with an expansion slot.

  In addition, the space-saving design is easy to install and is equipped with HDMI × 1, DisplayPort × 1, and DVI-I × 1 to enable support for full-HD output to three independent screens, while the built-in GPU HD510 / 530 supports 4K (3840 × 2160 pixels) resolution to allow for high-resolution image displays and smooth video playback. And, as a successor model of our EPC-2010 Series, the EPC-3000 Series features complete compatibility in terms of physical dimensions and mounting holes dimensions, enabling smooth replacement from existing systems.

  This product is an embedded computer in which long-term stable supply is possible for 5 years starting from sales launch thanks to the adoption of a processor chip and OS designed for embedded devices. By adopting an embedded computer with a long-term stable supply, system replacement frequencies can be minimized, while man-hours spent evaluating compatibility and software modification costs can be significantly reduced.

Main features of EPC-3000 series

  • Equipped with Powerful 6th Gen. Intel® Core™ processor for edge computing

    6th Gen. Intel® Core™ processor (Code name: Skylake). Powerful multi core CPU makes it possible to achieve real-time, high-speed processing and advanced graphics processing.

  • 3 independent Gigabit LAN ports to connect different network segments

    3 Gigabit LAN ports can be utilized for field bus network in factory, controllers and upper Information system network that are all different network segments and are ideal feature for IoT Gateway application

  • Selectable expansion slots model that can house PCI Express (x8) or PCI boards

    The EPC-3010P2 is equipped with two PCI bus slots. The EPC-3010P4 is equipped with one PCI Express (×8) and three PCI bus slots. Usable board dimension is Max. is 176mm (L) × 110mm (H).

  • Built-in GPU supports 4K resolution and output to three screens

    Core™ i7/i5 models support Intel® HD Graphics 530 and Celeron model support Intel® HD Graphics 510. It can play 4K high resolution motion picture smoothly and also supports three independent screens by DVI-I, DisplayPort and HDMI.

  • Reduce downtime for maintenance time by removable storage

    The product adopts front accessible 2.5-inch SATA storage, and also supports software RAID function such as mirroring to enhance stability of the system.

  • The identical dimensions enable easy replacement with the EPC-2010 series

    In order to replace the system with ease, this product has the same physical dimensions and fixing holes of mounting bracket.

Ordering Info.

This series is BTO (Build-to Order) type PC that CPU/Memory/Storage/OS can be selected when ordering

EPC-3010 EPC-3010P2 EPC-3010P4
Base Model EPC-3010 EPC-3010P2 EPC-3010P4
Expansion None PCI×2 PCI Express(x8)×1, PCI×3
CPU (Selection) Celeron G3900TE 2.3GHz / Core i5-6500TE 2.3GHz / Core i7-6700TE 2.4GHz
Memory (Selection) 8GB (8GBx1) DDR4 SDRAM / 16GB (8GBx2) DDR4 SDRAM
Storage (Selection) None / 500GB HDD / 500GB HDD×2 / 500GB HDD×2 (Mirroring) / 256GB SSD / 256GB SSD×2 / 256GB SSD×2 (Mirroring)
OS (Selection) None / Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB 64-bit (JPN, ENG, CHN, KOR) / Windows 7 Professional SP1 for Embedded Systems 32-bit (JPN, ENG) / Windows 7 Professional SP1 for Embedded Systems 64-bit (JPN, ENG)

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