New Product Release: Enabling Signal Input and Output and Capturing Analog Signal at 1 km Distance. Wireless I/O Series with Sub-1GHz Multi-hop Communication and EU & US standard compliance

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CONTEC Co., Ltd. (listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Securities Code: 6639—hereinafter "CONTEC") has developed wireless communication devices for global market by using low-power wireless communication technology that specifies Sub-1GHz band in order to enable signal input and output control, sensor input, and actuator control at a distance of 1 km. These devices will be released for sale to EU and US market as wireless I/O series for PC measurement and control as of August 21, 2018.

Wireless I/O Series From the left: GW1-ETH-WQ-US,DIO-0404LY-WQ-US,AI-1004LY-WQ-US

Product name Model Region / Standard Functions
Sub-1GHz Wireless
Ethernet Gateway
GW1-ETH-WQ-EU EU / CE ・Wireless I/O main unit
・Ethernet - Sub-1GHz wireless communication conversion
Sub-1GHz Wireless
Isolated Digital I/O Terminal
DIO-0404LY-WQ-EU EU / CE ・Wireless I/O expansion unit
・Photocoupler isolated inputs: 4
・Photocoupler-isolated open-collector outputs: 4
Sub-1GHz Wireless
4-channel Analog Input Terminal
AI-1004LY-WQ-EU EU / CE ・Wireless I/O expansion unit
・10-bit, 4-channel, ±10 V analog input

 Wireless I/O series for PC measurement and control uses Sub-1GHz band wireless communication technology, which has high diffraction properties and is very resistant to obstacles. The wireless I/O series enable digital and analog I/O signal at locations that are distant from the PC. This makes it possible to construct long-distance communication systems outdoors that cover a wide area of approximately 1 km with license free.

 The wireless I/O series for PC measurement and control can be configured by set of main unit, a gateway device (model: GW1-ETH-WQ-US / -EU) that converts Ethernet communication from the LAN port of a PC to Sub-1GHz wireless communication and wireless I/O terminals. The driver software (API functions), which is available by way of a free download from the CONTEC website, can be used to create Windows applications in programming languages such as Visual Basic and Visual C++. This driver software is the same as that used with CONTEC measurement control PCI boards and USB modules, so programs can be created in the same manner as they are created for these PCI boards and USB modules.

Main features of the wireless I/O series


  • Supports Sub-1GHz wireless communication, which has an excellent transmission distance
    (-US Model : 902-928MHz, -EU Model : 863-870MHz)
  • Highly reliable Mesh communication, AES-encrypted data communication
  • Supports ambient temperatures from -20°C to +60°C
  • Compact design (62.0(W) x 64.0(D) x 24.0(H)mm, No projection included) that enables installation in a wide variety of locations
  • Can be installed on a DIN rail with the optional DIN rail mounting bracket (Model : BRK-WQ-Y)
  • Windows driver available (free download from CONTEC website)

Sub-1GHz Wireless Ethernet Gateway GW1-ETH-WQ-US, GW1-ETH-WQ-EU

  • Converts Ethernet communication to wireless communication in the Sub-1GHz
  • Enables the construction of a wide range of wireless I/O systems with a Windows PC used as the host

Sub-1GHz Wireless Isolated Digital I/O Terminal DIO-0404LY-WQ-US, GW1-ETH-WQ-EU

  • Equipped with 4 opto-isolated inputs (supporting current sink output) and 4 opto-isolated open-collector outputs (current sink type)
  • Built-in Zener diodes for surge voltage protection in the output circuit
  • Equipped with a digital filter function

Sub-1GHz Wireless 4-channel Analog Input Terminal AI-1004LY-WQ-US, GW1-ETH-WQ-EU

  • 10-bit, analog input, 4-channel
  • Bipolar ±10 V, A/D conversion speed: 10 μs/ch

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