New Product Release: A Fanless, Embedded PC Designed to Pursue the Limits of High-speed and Scalability, BOX-COMPUTER, The BX-M1000 Series

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 Contec Co., Ltd. has developed a new fanless, embedded PC designed to pursue the limits of high-speed and scalability. It has started receiving orders for the BOX COMPUTER BX-M1000 Series PC from February 19, 2019.

BOX Computer BX-M1000 series BOX-M1000シリーズ From the left: No slot model, 2x PCI slots model, 1x PCIe/3x PCI slot model

 The BOX COMPUTER (BX-M1000 Series) is an embedded PC featuring a built-in 7th generation Intel® Core™ processor (Kaby Lake). In addition to being equipped with a high-performance, multi-core CPU, it achieves fanless operation (natural air-cooling) and boasts rich expansion interfaces. This makes it ideal for use as a space-saving, high-spec controller in various applications including semiconductor manufacturing equipment, external appearance inspection devices, as well as systems used for data collection, AI analysis, facial recognition and surveillance.

 Selection is possible from Core i5-7300U and Celeron 3965U CPUs and the expansion interface, which features three Gigabit LAN ports, six USB 3.0 ports, RS-232C connections, etc., enables the BOX COMPUTER to be used for various types of industrial applications including connections with industrial cameras or the construction of field networks. Models equipped with an expansion slot enable use with Contec I/O boards and image processing boards.

 The BOX COMPUTER (BX-M1000 Series) is designed with compatibility in mind as it features the same dimensions as its predecessor, the BX-1000 Series, and can be easily installed to similar existing systems. Furthermore, the BX-M1000 Series features up to a 40% boost in CPU performance and double the memory of the BX-1000 Series, yet at a price that is approximately 15% lower.

Ordering Information

This series is BTO (Build-to Order) type PC that CPU, storage and OS can be selected when ordering. *1

Base model Expansion slot BX-M1000スロットなし


BX-M1000 2スロット


BX-M1000 4スロット

PCIe(x4)×1 / PCI×3

Core i5-7300U BX-M1010BX-M1010P2 BX-M1010P4
Celeron 3965UBX-M1020BX-M1020P2BX-M1020P4
Storage (selectable) None / 1x 100GB HDD / 2x 100GB HDD / 2x 100GB HDD Mirroring / 1x 256GB SSD / 2x 256GB SSD / 2x 256GB SSD Mirroring
OS (selectable) None / Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC 64bit (Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean)
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    Some configurations are not available. Contact Contec or your local distributor for details.

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