New Product Release : Industrial, All-in-One PC “STAND-PC”—Version 2
High-Performance Type PC with 8th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor

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Contec Co., Ltd. (listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Securities Code: 6639—hereinafter "Contec") has added a high-performance type with 8th generation Intel® Core™ processor to its STAND-PC series of industrial, all-in-one PCs—a new concept in which an industrial PC is embedded into a display stand. It has started receiving orders from April 9, 2019.

写真はSPT-200A-22TPモデル Photos show model SPT-200A-22TP Left: Horizontal orientation (rear view) Center: Horizontal orientation Right: Vertical orientation

Model Features Price
SPT-200A-22TP 21.5-inch, full HD, 10-point capacitive multi-touch IPS panel Determined at the discretion of retailers
SPT-200A-22TR 21.5-inch, full HD, 2-point optical multi-touch VA panel Determined at the discretion of retailers

 Since going on sale in September of 2018, Contec’s “STAND-PC”—with its large screen and tablet-like touch operation capabilities—has been adopted as display monitor for a wide range of applications including for process management and work instruction display on manufacturing lines, as an operating panel for industrial equipment, as well as for employee entry/exit management. We developed this high-performance type after having received many requests since the introduction of the STAND-PC for a version capable of being used for high-speed processing applications.
 This high-performance type comes built-to-order (BTO), enabling customers to select their desired display, CPU, memory, storage, and wireless LAN specifications, etc., in order to optimize the PC for their intended application or budget.

Main features

  • Shipped to your door already assembled as an “All-in-One” PC

    Ships with the display, stand, and PC unit pre-assembled. Just turn on the power to get started.

  • IP54-compliant industrial touch-panel display (SPT-200A-22TP)

    Features an industrial IPS touch-panel display with a highly visible wide-viewing angle. It features touch operations similar to that of tablets or smartphones with 10-point capacitive multi-touch capabilities. The front of the display features an IP54-compliant drip-proof/dust-proof design.

  • High-performance optical touch-panel display (SPT-200A-22TR)

    Features a VA touch-panel display with excellent cost performance. The 2-point optical multi-touch display supports operation even when wearing everyday work gloves.

  • A rich, expandable interface

    This industrial PC is equipped with a variety of interfaces including 1000BASE-T × 2 (or × 1), wireless LAN (selectable), USB3.0 × 2, USB2.0 × 4, and serial (RS-232C) × 1.

  • PC unit installed to the base for a stable structure with a low center of gravity

    CONTEC has developed a new display-stand shaped PC enclosure. The PC unit is installed to the base, creating a stable, topple-resistant structure with a low center of gravity.

  • New enclosure structure for high-performance CPU

    Heat pipes and a thin CPU fan are employed to enable a high-performance CPU to be installed within a limited space. The duct structure cooling mechanism which is separated from the airflow inside the PC prevents dust and other foreign matter from being sucked into the PC enclosure. A clamshell opening/closing mechanism has been adopted to facilitate access inside the PC. This enables maintenance and the adding of memory to be performed easily even with the display installed.

  • Reduced operating costs thanks to a long-term, stable supply

    The combination of a CPU designed for use in embedded devices and an industrial-use display enables a long-term, stable supply to be achieved. These products free our customers from having to deal with operation verifications and device design changes that occur every time PC models are changed, thus reducing operation costs spent for development and verification.

  • Pre-installed with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise—the OS for the latest in embedded devices

    Comes pre-installed with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC (64-bit) that supports English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Unlike normal versions of Windows 10, this guarantees long-term availability for the same specifications. Also, the added Write Filter function enables read-only system operation to be performed.

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